Want to Connect with a Next Gen Audience? Get Into Gaming.

With more than three billion gamers worldwide, gaming isn’t just the future of sports and entertainment – it’s the now. An industry buzzing with a young, tech-savvy audience that welcomes everyone, irrespective of gender, race, disability, background, or skill. An audience most brands are missing out on.

Why We Must Stop Advertising-Funded Trolling

More than 50% of people say they have experienced cyberbullying, with 36% also saying they’ve been victims of trolling, according to a 2022 UK study into online behaviour. Yet much trolling takes place on sites which are supported by major advertisers and ads run alongside offensive and cruel comments targeting individuals. How can the ad industry make sure it is not funding hate? We investigate with an expert panel.

The Marketing Society - CMO Conversation with Claire Cronin

Join Claire Cronin, CMO of Chelsea FC, for insights on building a global sports brand, leveraging digital marketing, and connecting with fans worldwide. Explore challenges and opportunities in professional sports marketing from a marketing leader. Learn strategies for brand building, fan engagement via digital platforms, creating immersive experiences, navigating sponsorships, and adapting to industry changes.

Brand Marketers Meet Up

Connect with fellow brand marketers and The Marketing Society to expand your network. This is your opportunity to meet with other passionate marketing and advertising professionals, exchange insights, tackle common challenges and build invaluable connections.

What Broadcasters Want

With the TV commissioning landscape changing, broadcasters are increasingly turning to advertisers to fund original, editorially led content. What content are they looking for in 2024? How does it work ? We sit down with the leaders of ITV, Sky, Channel 4 and Channel 5’s branded entertainment teams to find out.

Sticking to the Rules: Navigating the World of Compliance with Advertiser Funded Content

How do partners balance brand integration and alignment while staying on the right side of the OFCOM and maintaining editorial integrity with media owners? We explore the tensions between brands, agencies, commissioners and producers and look at the key watchouts for creating compliant content that can reach its audience.

In Conversation with Jamie Laing, Sophie Habboo & JamPot Productions: Creating Hit Entertainment Podcasts for Millennial Audiences

Join Jamie Laing and Sophie Habboo as they share how to create engaging entertainment podcasts tailored to Millennial listeners. The pair founded their production company JamPot Productions in 2021 and have developed a number of hit chart-topping Millennial entertainment podcasts - including ‘NewlyWeds’ (an award-winning show with over 25million downloads, and a sold-out UK tour), ‘Wednesdays’, ‘Great Company’, and many others.

Distributing Brand Funded Entertainment with Global Hit Makers

Entertainment can shape brand equity at scale, on a global level. Our panel looks at distribution strategies and the importance of entertainment-led IP?

Strictly Come Watching: British TV's Evolution Beyond the Streaming Wars

Traditional TV started 2024 with a bang — with ITV’s Mr Bates vs. The Post Office’s show drawing 15 million viewers and 7 million viewers tuning in live for The Traitors finale on BBC One — but what is the real story behind this, and where is British TV heading? This session offers a deep dive into the current market, the explosion of viewer choice and the challenges posed by this next phase of the streaming era. Together TV hosts a lively exploration of shifting audience dynamics with...

The Future of Digital Branded Content

Brand funded content on digital platforms is constantly evolving. Pioneering digital publishers and channels created tailored solutions for brands and ushered in powerful new ways for brands to connect with youth audiences. But the market is maturing, and creators now offer huge audiences and sophisticated production offerings for brands. What does the future of brand funded digital content look like?

Creator x Brand Partnerships: The Power of Authentic Collaboration

Content creators are uniquely positioned to craft authentic narratives for brands that can elevate brand messaging and resonate with their audiences. What is the key to a successful partnership? How do brands spot the growing creator entrepreneurs? How will tech influence the content creators are making and how might creators and their communities influence brand strategy and product development in the future?

Sequels, Ratings and Sales: What makes a major hit?

When can a Brand Funded Entertainment show be classified as a major hit? Are high ratings shares and awards enough, if it doesn't sell enough product at the right cost? Can producer, brands and media owners align on a show's 'Hit KPIs' in a way that maximises creativity and audience satisfaction?
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