AW Explains: Gaming and Esports

If you missed it yesterday, Alexander Lee, Gaming and Esports reporter for Digiday rejoins us to demystify the world of gaming and esports for marketers keen to break into the space but wondering what they should really know.

The NFL in Europe: New Audiences, New Opportunities

The NFL in Europe has found its home at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. But how do you create a new culture round a sport in a new location? The world of sport is now about data, audiences, building communities and so much more than ever before. Stef Strack, CEO and Founder of Voice In Sport talks to Brett Gosper, head of NFL Europe, Todd Klein, Chief Commercial Officer at Tottenham Hotspur about what comes next for the franchise.

Building A Culture Of Marketing Effectiveness

Only half of organisations have a marketing effectiveness roadmap, according to the inaugural IPA Effectiveness Culture Monitor. But those organisations who do so feel more empowered to deliver great marketing and aligned with the aims of their business. Whether you have a roadmap or a toolkit to ensure effectiveness, what truly works when it comes to transforming businesses? In a year where 71% of marketers say demonstrating the value of marketing to the CEO and CFO will be extremely...

Revolt: How Mars Is Giving Voice To Women Around the World

Women have always been central to Mars. They make up the majority of the customers and half of their ‘associate’ population. Yet around the world, women still go unheard, so we miss out on the vital perspectives of what the world could become. Through ‘Here to be Heard’, Mars has reached out to 10,000 women across 88 countries to ask them one simple question “What needs to change so more women can reach their full potential?” In this session, we will reveal what women around the world are...

AW Explains: NFTs

Frank Weil, Founder and CEO of Myntr, joins the studio to explain NFTs to a marketing audience.

Be More Triangle: How To Use Your Quirk To Capture Consumers' Attention

Digitisation and virtualisation have been key accelerators of transformation in the retail and ecommerce space. With consumers' shopping habits changing at light speed, Toblerone worked together with its Digital Partner of Record Media.Monks to transform its digital retail and D2C strategy. In this session, Emanuel Gävert, Global Brand Lead - Toblerone at Mondelēz International and Nicole Niemann, Client Director at Media.Monks share the process how the launch of its new ecommerce...

How Leadership Has Evolved and the Modern Day Leader

This session will be an opportunity to learn how leadership has evolved over the past decade. How does a leader communicate and drive business forward in the media world? Is there a difference between leading and managing and how do we get the best out of people? What is the key to successful leadership in working sometimes remotely or in different countries? We will discuss how we manage this and get the best business results whilst keeping people motivated.

Part 3 - Making the Most of Technology; Picking the Right Partner

Technology is at the centre of programmatic. With a plethora of tech vendors to choose from, it can be difficult to know who to work with. At a time where brands are vying for consumer attention, differentiation is key but how can you outperform your competitors without outspending them too?

Part 2 - Making the Most of Technology; Evolving Relationships

Change happens quickly in programmatic, and whether a buyer, seller, brand or broadcaster, it’s important you have the right partners to help you navigate change. With brands taking a more active role in their supply decisioning, the role of their long-term partners, media agencies, is evolving as they seek to plug gaps around technology selection, implementation, and cross-channel expertise. How has the relationship between brand and media agency evolved and what does the future look like?

Interview with Nick Reid, SVP Managing Director, EMEA at DoubleVerify

Advertising Week interviews Nick Reid, SVP Managing Director, EMEA at DoubleVerify.

Lego and Friends: How Brands Can Manage Partnerships

Brands and marketers have to manage a huge range of partnerships. But how do you do this in a really effective way? Lego's senior director of partner management and production Rene Sanchez Jessen sits down with one of his ecosystem of partners, Andria Vidler, CEO of Tag EMEA, to have a brave discussion about brand and agency partnerships. When it comes to brands, what works in partnerships? What goes wrong? How can other brands and their partners get it right? Andria and Rene share...

Inspiring Partnerships, With Pinterest

The scope of the Agency and Client contract has moved far beyond traditional measures of media effectiveness, and as a key part of the supply chain, the Media Owner has had to evolve the breadth and depth of their Agency partnerships accordingly. The Global Agency Commercial Lead of Pinterest shares how they are flexing to the needs of their Agency partners in order to ensure brilliant partnership now and in the years to come.
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