Stop Doomscrolling, and Start Podcasting

Fresh Air Production, the UK’s leading producer of podcasts for brands, explains why you should be building your own podcast, rather than renting space in someone else’s. And it’s all about Attention. Find out how to make a hit podcast, what it can do for your brand, and its unique place in your media mix.

Data & Belonging: Actions For Change

What does belonging mean to you? And who experiences that feeling in your organisation? Learn more about the key inclusion trends and leave with tangible actions to bring positive change to your business.

Fair NDAs: Why It's Time To Stop the 'Silence' On Bullying and Harassment

After months of a cross-industry initiative sparked by Zoe Scaman's 'Mad Men and Furious Women' article, we bring you best-practice guidance developed by legal experts to stop the systematic silencing of victims of harassment, inappropriate behaviour or abuse and to encourage an inclusive culture of transparency. Endorsed by #TimeTo, this is a defining moment for the industry.

Are Brands Getting It Right For Women?

How are brands thinking about appealing to women and diverse groups? We bring together women from brands and ask them - how do you get it right? We have moved well beyond where everything was pink, but which brands are doing really interesting work? What about the emerging trend of gender neutrality? Our panel fills you in.

Engage in Good: The Role of Brands in Creating Social Impact

In today's world, brands can no longer content themselves with sideline CSR or ESG activities. Brands have recognized the opportunity and obligation to take control of their narrative and engagement, more authentically responding to changing societal norms. How companies produce, engage, communicate, and spark reflection are key barometers for whether or not consumers will accept them into their lives, into their closets, and into their homes.

Things I Wish I Knew

Tired of hearing the same advice? These leading women, who are all Advertising Week Future is Female winners and nominees, will give it to you straight. They'll be sharing their real life experiences, including moments of failure, frustration, and the satisfaction of breaking through the odds. Hear their hard-hitting advice, the things they learned along the way, and what they wish they had known all along.

CTV Reigns Supreme In the Attention Economy

As CTV becomes an integral part of the way audiences watch TV, it’s increasingly important to understand how users are interacting with this relatively new platform. Video has long been a key medium for communicating a brand’s story and message, and CTV has become the perfect place to combine the big screen and high impact of TV, with more measurable digital channels. However, there has been a lack of research into exactly how the user experience and user behaviour manifests in front of the...

Making the Most Of the TV Screen: Successfully Applying the Art Of the Possible!

Talk to anyone about “CTV” or “Addressable TV” and they are excited about the prospects, but then their mind turns to thoughts of fragmentation, measurement, and identity. An insurmountable set of challenges seem to be ahead, but we all seem to be missing something. There’s more concentration on what isn’t yet possible rather than what has now become possible. There are data and activation opportunities today on the TV screen that have never been available before and can be the basis...

CTV: Where Are We On the Programmatic Journey?

In this CTV fireside conversation, Paul Gubbins, VP of Strategy at Publica, will be joined by Katie Coteman, VP of Advertising & Partnerships at Discovery, to talk about the growing AVOD and FAST streaming ecosystem in Europe and the role of programmatic technology in the future of TV advertising.

Keeping Up With Your TV Audience: The Importance Of Cross-Screen Storytelling

TV advertising has evolved. With over 50% of audiences watching TV on a smart screen, advertisers are looking into ways to reach their audience where they are today, not where they used to be. Join MiQ as we talk about today’s fragmented TV market, how YouTube can help you reach your TV audience, and we look ahead to help you understand how your consumers' worlds are evolving so that you can be sure to craft media strategies that meet them where they are.

The New Life Of the Living Room

Join RTL AdConnect to learn more about Connected TV consumption in Europe! Discover exclusive insights and explore Europeans’ new video consumption habits with RTL AdConnect & smartclip’s newly released study on “The New Life of the Living Room” - a comprehensive view on ten European markets.

The Future Of TV: Will You Survive Or Thrive?

Streaming is now firmly entrenched in people's viewing habits. But never before has there been such a wide option of brands, services, channels, and ways to watch. With so many choices available and increasingly data-driven ways to serve viewers in advertising, this is a time of great change. What does this mean for the future of TV and the ads that live in it? In this debate, the participants will discuss the future of TV advertising, how brands should be engaging with it, how it can and...
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