The Advertising Week Europe Lowdown with Rebecca Eaves

Advertising Week's Rebecca Eaves, global VP of talent and development who oversees Advertising Week Europe joins our host Riyadh Khalaf in the Amazon Ads Studio to discuss the big trends that have been seen at this Advertising Week and look at what comes ahead.

AW Explains: The Metaverse

Janet Balis, who leads EY Consulting professionals in the Americas focused on the customer agenda and revenue growth, including commercial excellence, customer experience and product innovation and also leads the EY CMO practice explains The Metaverse. What is it? Why does it matter?

Interview With Future Is Female Community: Aurelie Tshiama

Join Advertising Week as we interview Future is Female winner, Aurelie Tshiama.

Imagine If The Client Was The Future?

After Lisa joined us in the Amazon Ads Studio to talk to us about the Good Life 2030 documentary yesterday, she re-joins our host Riyadh to talk about the creative brief for the project where the client was the future. She will share the brief and the Ads created by Iris, McCann Manchester and Gravity Road showing what a Good Life in 2030 could look, sound and feel like. Created in 8 weeks on a limited budget these demonstrate what is possible, how the industry can come together to create a...

AW Explains: Gaming and Esports

Alexander Lee, Gaming and Esports reporter for Digiday joins us to demystify the world of gaming and esports for marketers keen to break into the space but wondering what they should really know.

Delving Into DEI With Dionne Maxwell, Jungle Creations

Dionne Maxwell of Jungle Creations joins us on the Amazon Ads Studio to unpick the issues in the earlier debate with our host Riyadh Khalaf. What should we learn from this? What got missed? How can we keep learning? Join them both here to delve into the big issues around DEI.

Interview: Jane Evans, Uninvisibility Project and Visible Start

Jane Evans. Creative Director. Author. Activist. Jane started the Uninvisibility movement to change the societal narrative that renders midlife women invisible. Jane is a great believer that words are useless without action and has recently launched Visible Start, an initiative in partnership with the Brixton Finishing School and WPP where midlife women are trained in digital marketing with real jobs and career opportunities at the end. She will join the Amazon Ads Studio to give a...

Creative Capital In Art With Artsy CMO Everette Taylor

The business of art has largely been conducted in the same way for hundreds of years and has lacked transparency, inclusivity and general information about artists and access to their works. As a result, many aspiring art collectors, enthusiasts and emerging artists find themselves shut out of the market due to this friction. Artsy has come to disrupt this industry. Join Artsy CMO Everette Taylor in conversation with Advertising Week president Ruth Mortimer as they tackle the issues of...

Building Immersive Fan Experiences in Entertainment

Bringing fans into entertainment franchises today requires much deeper immersion than ever before. In this session, Clio Awards Editor-In-Chief, Tim Nudd, speaks with Emily Montoya, Co-Founder/SVP of Brand and Jason Kreher, ECD, Accenture Song, about constructing intricate fan experiences to deepen connection for real-world and digital products. We’ll explore Meow Wolf's Omega Mart campaign and dive in to how myth-making and world-building can cement fan loyalty in a hyper-competitive space.

Climbing Ladders In Heels and Other Female Leadership Clichés

For a long time, women had to borrow male leadership models if they wanted to be seen as serious and trustworthy professionals. In fact, the first cracks in the "glass ceiling" were made by women in grey suits and tons of assertiveness. After them, many other women thought that this was the only possible way to climb their way up. Even Sheryl Sandberg in her “Lean In” urges us to behave like our worst male colleagues. But is this really the only possible way to be a credible and effective...

Future of Branding: Meet the Simplifiers

Global brand strategy, design, and experience firm, Siegel+Gale, is taking its Future of Branding CMO series to Advertising Week Europe.
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