The Power Of "How Are You"

The question ‘How are you?’ has the power to be so much more than a pleasantry if used correctly. By asking this question in the right way and in the right environment, employees can engage and energise each other.

Heart Of the Community: Inside Crystal Palace's New U23s Academy

Hear from Steve Parish and Mark Bright as they discuss the development of Crystal Palace Football Club (CPFC) U23 Academy, and how wellbeing is at the heart of it.

Security: Turn Uncertainty Into Your Creative Super Power

What can a neuroscientist, entrepreneur, and a former gang leader teach you about how to not just survive, but thrive creatively in uncertain times? Burnout is at an all-time high, resilience is at an all-time low, and our intolerance for uncertainty is at the heart of it all. Join a unique taster of the ground-breaking new format - part live-learning, part documentary, and part psychological intervention - scientifically proven by researchers from UCL's Brain Sciences Laboratory to...

Transforming AI in Marketing with Causal AI

Today's world for marketers is as noisy, interconnected and complex as it has ever been, making it more and more difficult to make sense of how efforts are driving impact. Not to mention the challenges arising from new, more restrictive data privacy laws and standards. This talk will introduce Casual AI and its impact on marketing across attribution, retention, marketing mix optimization, recommendations and personalization, empowering marketers to drive more impact with their efforts and...

The Speed Of Social: How To Win With Culture, Influencers and TikTok

Social media continues to be the battleground for brands who want to win in culture… but it’s a moving target! Adam Clyne, Founder / CEO at leading social agency Coolr, will be interviewing some of the UK’s leading brands on how they adapt to change and stay at the top of their game in this space.

The Art Of Community

Business models based around communities are becoming increasingly popular. But what makes a successful subscription service or brand? What does the future look like? We ask some of the hottest brands in the world based around communities what works, what doesn't, what the future looks like and how you can build a business with recurring revenue.

Pinterest: It’s Different Here

Showing up in a positive place on the internet isn’t just the right thing to do, it also affects your bottom line. Hear from the Country Manager UK & IE of Pinterest how they are deliberating building an inclusive and inspiring online place that not only fuels positivity amongst consumers, but drives purchase too.

The Science and Art of Content for the C-Suite

How do C-suite executives use social media? What kinds of content are they drawn to, and why? A brand-new survey of a 500+ Financial Times senior business decision-maker audience (56% C-suite) reveals the social habits and content preferences of this elusive group of people. This session will explore the data and demonstrate how marketers can tweak their content strategy to maximise engagement.

VaynerMedia and WeWork: How Listening To Audiences Has Shaped WeWork’s Business For All the Ways We Now Work

Audience insight and a new media approach has propelled WeWork through WFH to emerge stronger and more human-centric across multiple EMEA markets. Listen to WeWork's insights about how businesses and individuals are thinking about The Great Return, how people are using office space and the value of real-life collaboration - and what lies ahead, based on a unique way to power innovation.

Are Long-Term Partnerships the Future Of Influencer Marketing?

Join, TikTok, and MediaCom, as they explore the benefits of long-term partnerships in influencer marketing. This talk launches new research from in partnership with GlobalWebIndex, which analyses how the frequency of working with a creator impacts campaign results, and compares frequency in influencer marketing with other marketing methods.

The Capital ‘C’ In Creator Commerce

Digital platforms are critical channels for brands, but with the upsurge of creator-generated content on social and digital media, more and more brands are taking note of the value of a creator when it comes to their campaigns. In this session, Whalar and TikTok explain how marketers harness dynamic ways to mobilise creators, culture, and commerce to engage communities and consumers at scale.

distillery: The Power Of Queer In Advertising

Intersectional diversity & inclusion in advertising matters. When done well, it's demonstrably beneficial to marginalised people. And it’s good for business, driving brand preference and improving ad recall. In this session, diversity advocates and activists in advertising will discuss what positive queer representation in advertising and content looks like, and point towards how brands can improve their output.
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