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Join Tortoise Media for a live recording of the hit podcast, 'The News. Meeting' and help make the news. In every newsroom around the world, there’s a daily editorial conference to decide what leads the news, what follows and in what order. In the hit podcast The News Meeting, Tortoise gives listeners a chance to hear how editorial conferences work, and how these conversations shape the news agenda. Three journalists: Liz Moseley, Katie Gunning and Mark St. Andrew pitch the stories they think are most important to Tortoise editor and founder James Harding. In this special live recording, the Advertising Week audience gets to have a say in setting the news agenda.
Liz Moseley Editor & Partner
Tortoise Media
Alexi Mostrous
Investigations Editor
Katie Gunning Producer
Tortoise Media
Mark St. Andrew Head of ThinkIns
Tortoise Media

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