Good Life 2030 Documentary: The Role Of Advertising In Creating The Future

Watch the first-ever short documentary about the advertising industry and its relationship with the climate crisis which launched at COP26. See how industry leaders are grappling with the tension and hear their thoughts about the future. This documentary will be followed by a conversation with Lisa Merrick-Lawless, the co-founder of Purpose Disruptors who commissioned it. She will answer questions about the Good Life 2030 project, the documentary and what next - including how you can get...

Unpicking The Real Creative Capital

At the start of this Advertising Week Europe, Matt Scheckner, Global CEO of Advertising Week sits down with the Amazon Ads Studio host Riyadh Khalaf. Following the debate on the UK's cultural reputation, Scheckner and Khalaf will discuss the points made in the debate, their own views and look forward to the content in the day ahead.

Amazon Ads Welcomes You to Advertising Week

Phil Christer, Managing Director of Amazon Ads UK, joins Advertising Week Europe live from the Amazon Ads Studios to kick off the conference and offer a look ahead at the week’s programming.

CTV: Measuring the incremental reach

In this executive interview, Magnite's MD of CTV EMEA, Ed Wale highlights the unique makeup of the CTV audience and the incremental reach it brings to linear TV.

Trends Shaping Digital Advertising Today

Join Csaba Szabo, EMEA Managing Director at Integral Ad Science on the latest offer in the world of adtech. Find out the biggest trends in digital advertising right now, from the emergence of brand safety on social media through to video classification on CTV. Learn how advertising could play a greater role in diversity and reflecting wider society. And finally, discover first-hand what it takes to lead teams across Europe.

Go Luck Yourself Workshop

Andy Nairn, the founder of top creative agency, Lucky Generals, talks about the taboo subject of luck in business and how we can all stack the odds in our brands' favour. Loosely based on his best-selling book, Go Luck Yourself, it will be a fun, interactive and inspirational session designed to expand our minds and get us all thinking more creatively.

AdGreen: How To Produce a Greener Ad

As the advertising industry’s engagement with environmental sustainability continues to grow, companies are under increasing pressure to ensure their actions match their words. Through practical training, resources and tools, AdGreen enables the industry to measure the carbon impact of each advertising production. Carbon data brings the impact of production teams’ choices to life, and ensures that they can make conscious decisions about how to approach new projects.

Seen, Skipped or Stereotyped: Defining the Details That Talk To DE&I In Imagery

Visuals impact the way we see ourselves—and the world around us. When inclusiveness and diversity are considered in imagery, authentic representation is created that can change perceptions, shift mindsets, and help create lasting connections between brands and consumers. This interactive workshop will give you the tools you need to effect change in your visual communications to be inclusive and representative of the world around you.

Why Self-Promotion Isn't a Dirty Word

Do you dread the thought of self-promotion? Worry about what people say or how to celebrate yourself publicly without cringing? Join founder, public speaker, and author of F*ck Being Humble, Stef Sword-Williams, as she guides you through actionable ways to start self-promoting in a way that feels authentic to you. Self-promotion shouldn't be something you avoid in your career, and the sooner you get on board with it, the quicker you'll see personal results.

Leadership Insights: Professional Development At Advertising Week

Professional development is something we all strive for but don’t always prioritize. Take advantage of this insightful workshop discussing four key ways to actively improve your leadership skills. Presented by AWLearn and GenConnectU, two global learning programmes designed to upgrade your skills as you move into leadership roles, you will learn how to gain new tools and confidence.

Filling In the Missing Middle

We've all seen marketers focus on the top and bottom of the funnel, measuring success through awareness or sales. But is there a huge chunk of audiences and potential they're missing out? Taking audiences through new Bauer Media research, the panel will demonstrate how creative campaigns and authentic storytelling across radio and magazines can help fill that void - building brand relevance, consideration and trust.

Gen Z Have Arrived: Making Sense Of Today’s Most Influential Consumers

For some time now, Gen Z were often talked about as the future consumer to watch out for. Well, not anymore. They’re well and truly the generation of the moment. More Gen Z are entering the workforce and navigating different life stages, whether that’s university, buying their first home, or even getting married. They’re putting their own stamp on the world. And as Gen Z continues to shape their own identity and their spending power grows, all eyes will be on them.
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