Inside-Out Community: How Mission-Based Values Inspire Growth

Creating a values-based culture has never been a more important challenge for leaders that are looking to fuel team empowerment while navigating organizational growth. Join us to hear how Reddit has implemented its culture to grow and create disruptive external activations like its first UK Brand Marketing Campaign, ‘Maybe Together We’ll’ and r/place aimed at fostering community in the UK and around the world.

Innovation As a Tool: Solving Challenges In Audio Marketing

Many data-driven brands are evaluating the performance of their digital channels holistically with marketing tools and software. For those brands, leveraging the right technology is crucial when assessing the ROI of those channels that connect to potential customers. In this in-depth conversation, the AdsWizz team will be sharing key learnings from their global campaigns that leverage innovation and creativity in solving ROI, attribution, and customer journey challenges in the audio...

Richard Swan, Founder and Director, London City Voices: You Think You Can’t Sing? Think Again!

End your day by empowering yourself with a musical session featuring an incredible choir.

The Business Of the Future Must Have Soul

How do leaders take corporate culture to the next level? Since Ralf Specht left his role as CEO of Spark 44, he has been on one mission: to make soulless businesses a thing of the past. To do this, he has created 'The Soul System', a model which helps businesses drive a sense of 'being, believing and belonging' through their organisation. Speaking alongside Ralf is Adrian Hallmark, CEO of Bentley Motors, who will share the pivotal role purpose has played in crafting Bentley's road success....

Driving Business Through Purpose In Retail

While retail has had its share of challenges in the past two years, the pandemic has also yielded the chance for a long-overdue great retail reset that may help move many retailers into a more stable - and profitable - position. Getting there will require balancing near-term challenges with long-term commitments and transformational thinking. Ian Watson (CEO of Unbound, the driving force behind Hotter Shoes) and Sarah Harbon (General Manager of Benefit) talk putting their customers and people...

Marketing Models and Future Ways Of Working

In this session we will discuss the evolving marketing model and the key changes CMOs are leading for to put customer at the heart. However, to enable these evolving models to work, how people work together in a way that energises them is the most critical element to get right. We will be discussing DiDi’s experience of the Let’s Reset wellbeing & performance programme across its global marketing population and how spending time to be more human and really connect with each other is paying...

The Data Cloud: Powering the Next Generation Of Advertising

The most valuable companies in the world are those that utilize their data to the fullest. That is why Choreograph have established a global partnership with Snowflake to deliver the WPP Data Cloud: to seamlessly connect rich data from across the WPP network, making it instantly available to all and enhancing collaboration across media, technology, creative and data. This session will discuss how leveraging technology and Data Clean Rooms can power the next generation of advertising.

The Past, Present and Future Of SPO

OpenX pulls back the curtain on SPO (supply path optimization) — which is all about finding the most direct path to what you want most: the chance to show your ad to the right consumer on the right publisher at the right time and at the right price. This live Q&A session will serve as an opportunity unearth answers to questions like: What is SPO exactly? Why did it come about? How does it work? What benefits can brands expect it to deliver now and in the future?

Did You Say Contextual Advertising On Steroids?

As the world and Europe are continuously evolving in terms of privacy and identity, join us to find out more about Yahoo's point of view and how we are defining our strategy to address the arising landscape. Lindsay Wiles, Yahoo! EMEA Head of Programmatic sits down with Advertising Week Global President Ruth Mortimer to discuss the latest developments.

Creative Logistics: Harnessing Creative Data For Greater ROI In Omnichannel Marketing

Seamless campaign activation and management of creative assets is more important than ever in today’s complex media landscape. As more data is generated, it has become ever more difficult for marketers to connect, analyze and draw clear conclusions to manage assets and campaigns for greater ROI. In order to solve this, brands need end-to-end visibility of their creative logistics, including a clear view of both asset use and asset waste. This session will focus on essential best practices for...

Responsible Marketing: For People and Brands

Consumer privacy and data expectations coupled with the dynamic and changing world of digital advertising are hot topics in the media for legislators and for brands. In this session, Acxiom will explore how people truly feel about data use and the value they get in return, what brands believe they need in order to thrive in today’s environment, and the intersection of the two.

The Seven Needs Of Wellbeing and Performance

The Seven Needs of Wellbeing and Performance sits at the core of everything Let’s Reset does. These Seven Needs are what we all need to meet to improve our wellbeing and thrive at work. Join Let's Reset as they speak all about the Seven Needs and how companies can support their people.
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