How Brands Can Evolve Beyond Purpose to Become Truly Purposeful

The pandemic proved that power lies in a brand’s ability to act, and those that demonstrated their purpose made an impact. There’s a new focus on communities – in contrast to mass personalisation, and alongside a trend of brands moving from ‘marketing’ officers to ‘customer’ officers. We’ve seen creativity in action - solving customer and community problems in creative ways, in a year in which brand comms moved from saying to doing. How can brands rebuild and accelerate by becoming...

Future-Proofing Fashion and Beauty: Creation > Prediction

Hosted by Virtue, this panel examines how the promise of innovation within fashion and beauty allows brands to take a stand and respond to the climate and ecological emergencies. It lets you in on how to create ideas & IPs that break the status quo by shaping a shared vision of our common future. We’ll discuss campaigns, innovations, and insights from key figures, providing inspiration and learning – both for legacy brands working out how to make the most impact and for new players...

Influencer Track Introduction

Oliver Lewis, Managing Director, welcomes you to Advertising Week by unveiling a new vision for influencer marketing. Backed by News UK, it promises to do things differently. Be the first to hear how and why…

Facebook & Instagram: Crush Your Video Campaigns

Facebook’s Julien Decot and VidMob's Alex Collmer will share the 2019 playbook for creating for growth. You'll learn how to optimize ad design, use creative to find your best customers and apply data to the creative process.

Language and Research: Reaching 1.2 Billion People

There are approximately 1.2 billion people learning a new language. Duolingo studied millions of people spanning every country on the planet... until they made a shocking research discovery, forever changing the way they think about our work.


It’s time to bring some humanity back into this industry. In recent years the topic of gender and race has been on the tip of everyone’s tongues, but what does it mean to be truly inclusive? There are so many “isms” which have been left out of the conversation. Join us fellow humans for a debate that unpacks the true meaning of intersectionality. Whether you are gay, straight, rich, poor, disabled, BAME, male, female, or other, the time is now to celebrate our differences and pledge for true...

Don't Fear the Future, Make It - Agency Impact

We think it's time someone reclaimed positivity back towards agencies. That’s why our talk is all about impact – the impact that agencies have on their clients’ businesses, their own people, and the wider industry. Showcasing examples of Wavemaker's work with brands including Purple Bricks (who disrupted the real estate market) and Nationwide (taking a stand against hate speech) we'll explore how impact takes various forms, and consider how agencies can deliver this at each stage of the...
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