The Power Of Immersive To Transform Your Marketing

Marketeers continually face the challenge of how to engage effectively with their target audiences, cutting through the clutter to remain relevant to consumers. This talk, hosted by The Department’s CEO Hamish Jenkinson, explores the power of immersive events to engage with audiences in rich, meaningful, and new ways. Discussing best-in-class project examples with leading marketeers, this talk covers the value of ticketed brand experiences, and key learnings for brands looking to develop...

Who Killed the KLF: Q&A On the Newly Released Documentary

Director Chris Atkins and executive producer Ian Neil answer questions on their 12 year journey to bring this documentary about creativity, anarchy and information to light. The KLF rejected involvement, there was a lack of archive, lack of money, legal implications and to cap things off - a stint in prison for the director - did not stop the film finally being made. In the age of fake news and billions of pounds being wasted by government, is this story as relevant now as it was in 1992?...

Catching the Spark: Conversations With Journalists - Reporting On Innovation

“Marketing is about innovation” to quote former Vice Chair of GE (General Electric) Beth Comstock. So it follows that journalists who write about marketing must write about innovation. But how do reporters define innovation? What is worth their attention and why do they dismiss some stories that seem to meet the innovation brief? Join a panel of top marketing journalists as Propeller Group's Director of Content and former journalist Branwell Johnson turns the tables and gives some top...

Finding the Right Model To Support Original, Independent Journalism

With ambitions to reach 15 million subscribers, The New York Times aims to be the essential subscription for every curious person—from news to cooking to games to sports. Fueled by the subscription-first approach, The New York Times has developed an innovative advertising model with a privacy-forward and premium ad ecosystem that supports The Times's high quality journalism. delivers measurable impact and helps brands make their mark on the world.

Community Is the New Trend In Marketing

Neighbourhoods are amongst the most important communities in our lives. But for many, the people are strangers. To take the first step and make an introduction can be intimidating, yet the reward of making a connection can give a tremendous feel of togetherness. Neighbours and brands alike are considering how to build meaningful and helpful connections. Join us for a discussion with Initiative, Co-Op, GWI, and Nextdoor. We'll talk about community trends with GWI, discuss how communities are...

The Future Of Branded Content and Sustainable Production

The production, distribution and measurement of branded content has changed beyond all recognition over the 15 years since CNN first founded its brand studio. This session will tackle the big questions about what the future of branded content looks like from the publisher, agency and client perspective: what role does data have to play, what production techniques are breaking new ground and how important is it for brand storytelling to be ad net zero? Join us to find out more about what the...

The New, Responsible Rules For Advertising

Aly Nurmohamed COO of Permutive, in conversation with Michael Gewirtzman, Global Programming Director at Advertising Week Europe, to hear about the impact of privacy on advertising and why publishers and advertisers need to activate audiences responsibly to rebuild consumer trust.

The Power Of Community

The social media landscape is changing. In an era of distrust, tools that are supposed to bring us together are often making us feel more isolated from one another. At Reddit, we’ve noticed something different. We’ve seen users deepening their relationships with each other and with online communities. They’re finding connections and reasons to share the ideas they glean with others. Join us for a conversation about connected, people-powered communities, and how marketers can empower...

The Evolution Of CTV In Europe

Coming soon. Check back shortly to find the details of this session on the Trends & Insight track on the Tech Lab stage.

Are Your Communications Speaking To the Full Spectrum Of the UK, Nationwide?

The media landscape is subject to unconscious bias. Diverse audiences are too often excluded or underrepresented. Do you know how inclusive your communication plans are? In this session, we will explore how you can audit your communication plans through an inclusivity lens. How can you better evaluate how others are acting both within and outside of their categories when it comes to diversity? Where can you seek out new community audience partners to drive inclusivity, and what are the main...

Making a Meal Of It: How To Make Food Beautiful

Sex, pleasure, pain, wealth, religion, family, poverty - food can mean so much. So, how can we capture our relationships with food? How do the codes, colours, sights, and sounds of what we consume create lasting emotions and memories? And how can brands capture these associations and create feelings and memories of their own? Join Olaf Van Gerwen, Founder and Global Creative Director, Chuck Studios, and major food brands as they spill the beans on how they make food famous. How can...

Brands, News & Gen Z

This is a BBC Studios session, on behalf of the international and commercial part of BBC News. Get under the bonnet of what makes Gen Z tick, their relationship with global news providers and tips for brands in how to communicate to them.
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