Collaborators Unite!

Customer experience is the new battleground; and it’s clear that delighting customers with hyper- relevant, authentic experiences requires new levels of collaboration across a brand’s internal teams and ecosystems. How can brand leaders champion change to rewire their organizations for a customer- first mindset? Uncover insights on how smarter collaboration models are driving success.

The Resurrection of AIB: How Open Collaboration Transformed Ireland’s Most Hated Bank

In 2008, Ireland’s biggest bank became the country’s most hated when it had to be bailed out by the taxpayer. Media commentary on AIB was 90% negative, and on social a shocking 99% negative. AIB faced it’s toughest challenge of its 50-year existence, and something drastic needed to happen to bring the brand back from the brink Fast forward to today and AIB is coming back into favour with an NPS brand score of 23 at the end of 2017. How did they do it? They let go. Attend this frank and...

Monopolies: Should we be Worried?

Today’s tech giants are more like countries than companies. It’s not just the vast resources at their disposal, but these multinationals also encompass a constitution, a cabinet, a foreign policy, an annual budget and even social policy – with a sphere of influence that can impact the average consumer and the state.

PwC - Unlocking the power of data

How PwC is unlocking the power of spend, travel and telecoms data to drive personalised marketing strategies (that are GDPR compliant) and deliver £100m of revenue growth for the 600 members of London's New West End Company (centred around Bond St, Oxford St and Regent St).

Prioritizing Mental Health in the Workplace - A Playbook for 2019

In response to the fantastic reception that our Mental Health Allies scheme has received throughout the industry, we are sharing our mental health journey, showing why it's important, the work we have implemented and what we've learnt along the way.

Why Businesses, Brands and People Can’t Afford to Stand Still

It’s no secret that the world is changing before our eyes. From the way we digest news, watch films, eat and exercise, to the way we work and how our children play. So how can businesses adapt to these rapid changes to remain relevant to their customers whilst remaining true to their brand? Dennis hosts a panel of experts who have put change at the centre of their business model, and come out on top.

Clients Going Direct to Production Companies: What You Need to Know to Make A Success Of It

Many advertisers are keen to engage production companies direct but how do they choose the right one, how do they manage the process and what can we learn from the experiences of advertisers already working in this way?

Going Global – A Growth Strategy

Taking a business global requires a deep understanding of target markets, the current state of the market and its trends, as well as, its competitors and its disrupters. It is a complex and dynamic process, where business leaders will need to understand and determine the risks and the undertaking. This has been a topic of conversation at AWEurope for the last four years and we will continue to build on it with agency leaders from around the globe.

From Start-up to Fortune 500: Building Disruptive Brands in the Digital Age

From emerging start-ups to established Fortune 500 companies, the individuals tasked with building memorable brands have easily one of the most scrutinized positions in business today. Regardless of whether you support a fast growth start up or help lead one of the world’s most respected brands, how marketers innovate to stay ahead and build stronger relationships with consumers in a fragmented digital ecosystem has become one of the biggest challenges companies face today.

Greenpeace - Moving Palm Oil from Unknown to Headline News

Greenpeace is known for headline grabbing direct action to help shine a spotlight on environmental issues. In 2018, a different approach was taken, changing tone with a lovable mascot called Rang-tan, an animated baby orangutan, to bring rainforest destruction to life. This talk unpacks how Greenpeace managed to effect attitudes towards palm oil and encourage corporate and consumer behaviour changes.

Disruptive Influence: The Secrets of Scaling Fast

Today’s breakthrough businesses are scaling fast and building large audiences in the process. From finance to fitness, they specialise in establishing trust and building tribes of highly engaged customers – and they do it rapidly. Brought to you by Seven Hills, the authors of Mission: How The Best In Business Break Through, this lesson will explore the new wave of high-velocity businesses using technology to disrupt incumbents and redefine their industries.

AR(e) you paying attention?

Increasingly, we’re told consumers’ time and attention are diminishing commodities. Against this background, AR has emerged as a high attention and high intent space, where high-craft brand experiences are changing the way brands tell stories and drive performance on mobile. Snapchat’s International Creative Director Will Scougal debates with We Are Social, Byte and influencer Geoohsnap to explore AR as a new and vital tool for high-craft brand experiences - that millions of people actively...
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