The Narrative: Sport For Good

We are living in an age where big business can no longer operate without giving back to society. Be that through their green initiative or through the ways they strive for equality and diversity. Leaving a legacy that lives beyond a bottom line is no longer a nice to have, but a necessity. Playing a role in changing the shape of our countries social fabric is something that all brands need to come to the table on. And improving the lives of our young people is centric to that. Young...

Bloomberg's Levelling Up Scorecard

In 2019 Boris Johnson won an election with two promises: Complete Brexit & Level Up Britain. The Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill was introduced into Parliament on 11 May 2022 with the objective of spreading wealth & opportunity across the UK, closing the gap on the most deprived areas and the richer region of London and the SE. Bloomberg has produced an exclusive data analysis to track the government's own policy paper on levelling up and tracked the metrics on all 650 constituencies...

The Platform Reigns When It Comes To Driving Attention

For a marketer, the first objective of any advertising is to get consumers to pay attention to your ad. But what drives attention? Finecast partnered with Amplified Intelligence to conduct research to understand levels of attention within TV viewing in the UK. The analysis assessed levels of attention (active, passive and non-attention) by addressable audience variables such as age, gender and affluence. The research uncovered new insights about attention -- and are a must hear for...

Innovate Or Die Out: Lessons In Brand Resilience

As the world is catching up on the acceleration that resulted from two years of a global pandemic, businesses are looking ahead into radical uncertainty, with an economy slowing down and complex geopolitics. But where most see doom and gloom, some companies see a unique moment in time to leap forward. Hear from automotive giant Ford Motor Company and beverage leading brand Double Dutch Drinks about how they're working to use this moment to transform and why they believe now is the time to...

The Future of Brands in a Connected World

The world of brands has changed beyond recognition, driven by heightened and ever growing connectivity, new creative opportunities and accelerated consumer expectations. As a result, the playbook for marketers continues to evolve, but what is key to building brands and driving growth in a connected world? Join Meta, Charlotte Tilbury, and as they explore the future of brands in a connected world, share insights into the innovative thinking behind some of their recent work, and...

Born That Way

Are leaders born that way? Is it a natural instinct or a cause of circumstance or a combination of training and experience? What characteristics does the modern leader need? Is this the same as the past, a blend, or fundamentally different? In this session, we bring together some of the most accomplished individuals from the worlds of advertising and coaching to share their views on what the ingredients are that lend themselves toward excellent contemporary leadership.

How BT With Saatchi & Saatchi Redefined Brand Purpose In Modern Britain

During the Euros in 2021, BT with the support of Saatchi & Saatchi launched Hope United, bringing together a diverse team of footballers to tackle the systemic problem of online hate. The campaign tapped into a significant cultural moment and was a huge success, rallying support, upskilling the nation, driving brand awareness and redefining the role of sponsorship. Join us to discuss the role brands and creativity can play in shaping and influencing culture in Britain today, and what it takes...

What Big Brands Can Learn From Scale-Ups

Not enough time, budget constraints, limited resources… there’s an endless list of challenges that we see mirrored across both large organisations and scale-ups. Quite often, it’s the big brands that take it upon themselves to educate those scaling on how to overcome them - but what happens when we flip the script? There’s a hell of a lot that David could teach Goliath.

Great Minds Morning Debate: This House Believes Your Carbon Footprint Doesn’t Really Matter

Giving up meat, taking fewer flights, using public transport – for years the responsibility for the climate emergency has been focused on our own personal choices. But let’s address the 35 billion carbon tonnes of gorilla in the room – we’re not the problem. Even if we eliminated 100% of our emissions for the rest of our lives, it’s estimated it would only save 1 second’s worth of emissions from the global energy sector. So does our carbon footprints – a strategy popularised by Adland...

Designing Your Data Collaboration Game Plan

As companies master their first-party data strategy, a data collaboration game plan is a must-have for companies looking to future proof their business. But data collaboration is not a destination, it is a journey, and every company will take a different route. InfoSum dives into data collaboration, how to get started, what to look for in a Data Clean Room, learnings and talking about success stories.

A New Era Of Responsible Advertising

The rules of advertising are changing. Consumers are concerned about how their data is being used in advertising, regulators across the globe are closing in, and browsers are blocking third-party data. Now more than ever, advertisers need to develop responsible marketing practices that protect consumers’ data.

Context Is Key, But What Are We Unlocking?

As the media environment becomes more dynamic and fast paced, it also becomes increasingly risky. Keyword lists no longer serve the purpose they once did, and in fact now steer dangerously into the realms of discrimination. Contextual solutions are the best way forward to ensure you both protect, and crucially grow, your business. Join IAS in conversation with Liz Salway to discuss how context is key, and what potential you could be unlocking in your media plan.
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