Leadership Through and Coming Out of Covid

The fastest-growing media sector going into Covid was Out of Home (OOH) advertising. Then when the pandemic hit, OOH was hit more aggressively than all other categories as people were no longer out and about. This segment showcases the leadership enacted by company and industry executives that kept teams motivated, agencies and brands involved, and, at the same time, did the important work to prepare the industry to emerge from global lockdowns.

Changing the Language of Leadership

Descriptions of leadership have become gendered and in many cases, reflect an outdated characterisation of what makes good leadership. WACL leads a panel discussion on what ‘steps forward’ need to happen in order to accelerate this much-needed change?

The Decade of Possibility: A New Paradigm in Brand Growth and Leadership

In these increasingly turbulent times, people are looking for trust and security in the brands they buy and interact with. Enter a new super league of businesses. Drawing on learnings from Interbrand’s 2022 Best Global Brands, join Interbrand, Allianz, LEGO and Essity to discuss the role of brand as a form of leadership and how this new super league of businesses has invested in exceptional brand experiences and set high standards of brand integrity to excel in delivering against...

From Idea to Success: Founders and Leaders Share Their Journeys

Have you ever wondered how successful entrepreneurs and business leaders made it to the top? Join us for an inspiring session featuring a panel of founders and C-level Execs who will share their personal stories of triumphs and challenges on their way to building successful businesses. You'll gain insights into the mindset, strategies and habits that helped them overcome obstacles, seize opportunities and stay focused on their vision. You'll also hear about their biggest mistakes, lessons...

Living the Exceptional with Soul: Imagining the Future with Jaguar Land Rover

Transformation is afoot in the Midlands, building luxury, brands and a new purpose. In 2022 Benjamin Moncrieffe was appointed to bring the Future into the iconic car manufacturer. What does it hold? -Why foresight, why now -Making Modern Luxury isn’t easy – learnings so far? -Partnership moves and what that really means at JLR -The new ‘Creator’s Code’ – what does it promise? Meabh Quoirin, CEO at Foresight Factory, and Benjamin Moncrieffe, Head of Strategic Foresight at Jaguar...

Future is Female = A Better Future

Women have long been a driving force in the world of brands and marketing — shaping consumer culture, influencing business strategy and paving the way forward for those who come after them. In this session, we'll explore the unique perspectives and experiences of women working in the branding industry and discuss their role in shaping the future of the field. Our panel will feature past Future is Female honourees and female leaders who will share their insights into the challenges and...

AI epiphanies: Lessons from Google’s own AI marketing journey

Join Nishma Patel Robb, Senior Director of Brand and Reputation Marketing at Google, to learn how the way Google uses AI in their own campaigns is changing, and what the future holds for the new human+AI marketing mix.

I Don’t Take Requests: DJ Fat Tony on Brands, Memes and Music

Join us for an exclusive conversation with legendary DJ, author and personality Fat Tony. As his book I Don’t Take Requests - a Times bestseller - is released in paperback on May 25th, he will be joining us to talk about everything from his creative approach to his incredible life story. From overcoming a crack cocaine addiction that caused him to pull out his teeth to launching a successful podcast about recovery. Fat Tony has always been at the cultural zeitgeist, performing for everyone...

This House Believes the Golden Age of Advertising is Over

The world of advertising has evolved dramatically over the past few decades. From the early days of print and radio ads to the modern era of digital and social media marketing, the industry has undergone significant transformations. It's worth asking whether the Golden Age of Advertising is over. In this lively debate, two teams will argue for and against the motion "This House Believes The Golden Age Of Advertising Is Over." The teams will present their arguments on whether the...

The Marketing Society’s Changemakers Conversation

Three leaders, three stories, three perspectives The world is shifting, business is reshaping, organisations are evolving and change is all around. Join us to hear from three brilliant senior level changemakers who are adapting at pace and leading rapid change in their fields.

Powering Transformation

Change is a constant, and with change come opportunities. Join Yahoo CRO Elizabeth Herbst-Brady and business leader Mary Portas to discuss strategies and experiences on the power of transformation and the role of leadership.

What’s Now, What’s Next: A Fireside Chat With David Jones on Generative AI, the Metaverse, WEB3, and Sustainability

Join BBC News presenter Sally Bundock and David Jones, founder & CEO of The Brandtech Group, for a fast-paced conversation diving into the biggest issues and opportunities for brands and marketing today. They will explore the transformative power of generative AI, unpacking both its challenges and true potential, the latest status on the metaverse, Web3 and NFTs, and the increasing urgency around sustainability.
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