Looking Beyond the Retail Media Honeymoon

Retail media experienced tremendous growth over the past year — but what happens once the ‘honeymoon’ phase is over? How is retail media going to evolve? What are the common challenges facing these new media owners and their advertising partners? Join Criteo’s Executive Managing Director EMEA, Marc Fischli, as he shares his vision and strategies to help make the most of the retail media opportunity.

Getting Creative with Performance

If you haven’t started shrinking the divide between your media, and creative strategy, you should start immediately. There is no denying a direct correlation between campaign performance and creative effectiveness. But how do you figure out what makes your creative effective? Join leaders from Expedia, Google and Smartly as they discuss what makes creative a real performance driver.

Mastering the Art of Context with Programmatic DOOH

Join us for a panel discussion on how programmatic DOOH can unlock the power of contextual relevance at scale. Our expert speakers will explore the benefits of ‘Moment Targeting,’ the latest in DMO and DCO technology and the role of data insights in unlocking precise targeting capabilities. We'll also examine best practices for measuring brand lift and footfall traffic and how to drive real-world results through DOOH campaigns.

Quality and Verification: The Keys to Driving Performance and Efficiency

The modern advertiser faces a multitude of challenges ranging from volatile news cycles to emerging platforms and technologies. All of this, and more, makes it difficult for advertisers to reach their audiences and measure success. By prioritising media quality and verification, brands and agencies like Omnicom Media Group are able to achieve outstanding ROI and performance. Omnicom's unwavering commitment to these principles has resulted in an exceptional brand suitability rate that...

Welcoming Our AI Overlords

How do businesses drive value from AI while training talent and defending their place in the world amidst the shifting foundations? Join this panel of NLP experts and creatives that are using generative AI as they discuss the various use cases for how AI can be deployed strategically today, and where the new approach to building will potentially lead us tomorrow.

The State of Addressability in Europe

The industry is undergoing a significant shift as it pivots away from third-party cookies and MAIDS, affecting both publishers’ and advertisers’ ability to address audiences. Will advertisers continue to be able to reach their audiences effectively? How will measurement and attribution work in a world without traditional identifiers? Will publishers be able to maintain the value of their inventory? Joanna Burton of ID5 will be joined by experts to discuss how the industry is readying itself...

Navigating the Transformation of Traditional Retail: Insights from UK Retail Leaders

Join us for a dynamic panel discussion featuring key leaders in the UK retail industry as they dive deep into the trends shaping the UK retail industry and share their experiences of navigating the transformation of traditional retail. Boots, Primark and Waitrose will provide real-world case studies showcasing the strategies and approaches they implemented to stay competitive in an ever-changing retail landscape. Don't miss this opportunity to hear from some of the UK's top retail leaders...

NBA International Growth Strategy

How NBA brings the authentic experience to its international fans through interactive events, grassroots development and localised content.

The Building Blocks of Creative Impact: Learn From the Best

Less than a fifth of award-winning creative campaigns win an effectiveness award, and yet creativity is one of the key components in driving effectiveness. Why? Creative Commitment. Join WARC Creative's Amy Rodgers as she breaks down the most awarded work from WARC Rankings into the building blocks of effectiveness, using the measure of creative commitment showing translation of award-winning creativity into effectiveness. Discover the trends behind the winning work and learn what's...

Hyper Growth is Good Growth

Hyper growth fashion brand Vinted and Channel 4 joined forces last month on the broadcaster’s biggest-ever cross-platform branded partnership. Fronted by Hollyoaks’ Jorgie Porter, it includes a brand-new short-form digital series created by C4’s digital content powerhouse 4Studio as well as Vinted’s return as a sponsor of Hollyoaks. Join this session to learn how this unique deal was brought together and discover why cross platform deals are becoming the meeting point for new economy...

The Power of &: How to Handle Everything, Everywhere, All at Once

The changes sweeping through marketing are having a profound impact on what clients need from agency partners. Today’s customer expectations and content needs mean any disconnect across the experience equals instant leakage. But as the velocity of conversion from consideration to purchase has increased exponentially, so has the importance of strong, clear brand communications. It’s all important. So how can clients and agencies best configure their marketing models to deliver...

Creative is King in an AI Diluted Modern Media World

In a programmatic market dominated by undifferentiated creative, it is critical for brands to deliver impactful and innovative experiences that break through the clutter and reach today’s consumers on multiple devices. Listen and learn when we explore the future of advertising and the opportunities that lie ahead for marketers looking to capitalise on the power of coordinated omnichannel efforts.
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