Secrets to Success

Looking for the secrets to success? Well, these Future Is Female nominees are ready to share theirs. Join us as these leaders from across the industry share details on their personal journeys, challenges they’ve overcome, how they continue to innovate and evolve and more. Each of these women have broken barriers in their career and are being recognized by this year’s Future is Female Awards jury. However you identify, whether you're a seasoned professional or fresh out of university, this...

Why Self-Promotion Isn't a Dirty Word

Do you dread the thought of self-promotion? Worry about what people say or how to celebrate yourself publicly without cringing? Join founder, public speaker, and author of F*ck Being Humble, Stef Sword-Williams, as she guides you through actionable ways to start self-promoting in a way that feels authentic to you. Self-promotion shouldn't be something you avoid in your career, and the sooner you get on board with it, the quicker you'll see personal results.

Why Analytics are the Ultimate Competitive Advantage

Pandemic, recession, boom, bust… the *only* certainty we face today is constant change. But how can agencies stay ahead when the future is so uncertain? In order to thrive while navigating this climate, leading agencies are leveraging analytics to optimise operations, connect the dots and ensure successful project delivery. Join Dylan Connerton, VP Product at Forecast, as he shares practical tips for connecting data to gain efficiencies, protect margins and make smarter decisions.

Think You Can’t Sing? Think Again!

Told that you can’t sing by friends, parents, partners or children? Asked to mime in the school choir? If that sounds like you, you’re in good company. The great news is that all those people were probably wrong. Join Richard Swan, author of “Think You Can’t Sing? Think Again,” to find out how to overcome years of shame and sadness about not being able to sing.

An Interview with Nick Baughan, Director of Business Partners, UK & Ireland, Meta

An Interview with Nick Baughan, Director of Business Partners, UK & Ireland, Meta.

An Interview with Elaine dela Cruz, Co-Founder PROJECT 23

Can advertising only be truly representative on screen when we make the cultural shift off-screen? In this session, Connie will get Elaine’s hot take on whether we need to reverse the DE&I lens to build a more equitable industry to support new talent starting their careers in Adland.

The Secret to Growth Revealed by 2023's World-Leading CMO

Last week, Diageo CMO Cristina Diezhandino, World Federation of Advertisers 2023 CMO of the Year, revealed the company's secret pathway to growth. As a spoiler alert for this session, this includes putting creativity, purpose and inclusion at the heart of the company inside and out. Come and discover Diageo's key to success through uncertain times. Interviewed by Ali Hanan, CEO and Founder of Creative Equals, the duo will also talk about the power of partnership, focusing on 'who makes...

Why an Ownership Mindset is Key to Tackling the Climate Crisis, and Why It’s Not Optional

Anna Abdelnoor, CEO & Founder of events industry sustainability body isla, discusses how to build the language of ownership into our sustainability policies and practice. Passive has never worked for the planet, so we need to think actively and be actionable in everything we do or say.

Understanding the Power of Today’s Digital Communities to Engage Hard to Reach Audiences

AMAKA Studio’s Amanda Ogeah discusses being a special-interest creator platform for a highly untapped growth audience with purchase power and how advertisers use AMAKA’s top-down editorial and bottom-up creator-driven content approach to authentically reach and engage its digital community across the African Diaspora to increase brand sentiment.

Inclusion in Branding

What makes an inclusive brand? Learn about how brands can champion inclusivity and some tips on how brands can be more active in driving inclusion.

Are We There Yet?

From the resignation of Jacinda Ardern to the party of Sanna Marin, a discussion about the latest developments in female leadership and equality in the workplace.

Welcome to Advertising Week Europe Day #1

Join our host Riyadh Khalaf live from the Amazon Ads Studios to kick off the conference and offer a look ahead at the week’s programming.
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