The Rise of the Creator Economy: How Brands are Leveraging Trends to Get Ahead in 2023

Join Emily in the studio as she takes you on an exciting journey through the ever-evolving creator economy and the latest trends in the space.

An Interview with Paul Nesbitt, International Insights Director, Twitch

Paul Nesbitt joins us live in the studio to share more about some of the work he's been doing in the attention economy.

An Interview with Stef Sword-Williams, Founder, Public Speaker, and Author F*ck Being Humble

Named as Forbes Under 30 and The Dots 100 women changing the creative industry, Stef is a trailblazer and changemaker using storytelling as a force for good. After 7 years working in advertising, she set out to create a challenger brand to disrupt the careers industry and show people the importance of self-advocacy. In 2018, Stef started F*ck Being Humble, a global movement and business helping people to overcome the fear of self-promotion and be unapologetically proud of their...

Around the World: Creating Winning Ads with Media Measurement at a Global Scale

You want to optimise your advertising campaigns to more effectively impact the perception and opinions of your brand. Standard measurement solutions can only go so far. You need enough trustworthy data in actionable formats to confidently make campaign optimisations. Join media measurement expert Laura Manning for a discussion on how global scope and scale allow you to see the granular, real-time insights you crave across all platforms, even CTV and podcasts, helping you create winning...

Playing By Their Own Rules

Formidable music star Jess Glynne talks passion, creativity and careers with the groundbreaking Lioness Alex Scott. Jess is one of the most successful artists of her generations with the most Number 1 singles of any British artist in the UK, with 1.2 billion streams, over 3 million followers across socials, 2 x platinum UK albums, 7 Number 1 singles and 11 platinum UK singles. Jess and Alex will focus on the need for a strong creative vision, focus, passion and determination in the...

Are You Part of the Problem?

74% of brand owners, at a recent WFA event, agreed with the motion that marketing today is incompatible with a sustainable future. That’s why WFA and Kantar undertook the world’s largest study focused on sustainable marketing. With insights from client-side marketers from 46 countries, the goal was to identify how brand owners, and the marketing industry, can put their superpowers to work to become part of a sustainable future. Join us to understand more about global brand owners pain...

Seeing the Unseen: Powerful Images Can Tell Untold Stories

Perspective is everything. To understand a problem, we need to see it through the eyes of those that live it. Young people find it hard to have their voices heard beyond their local context but the democratisation and power of imagery give them a powerful platform to make the unseen, seen and, importantly, heard.

Gen AI: The New Bias Battleground

Ask the mainstream Gen AI platforms for an image of a “professional person,” and fewer than 20% of the results are women, and broader representation is less than ideal. The panel will discuss gender and other biases in generative AI, how to combat them, and what brands, agencies and platforms can do to make representation in Gen AI a reality.

Beyond: Currents Shaping Europe’s Internet Culture & Innovation

Internet culture — and industry — in Europe is experiencing a renaissance. The scene is invigorated with new ideas, values and talent that have emerged, focused on building digital spaces and working with more intention. The digital landscape is bursting with creativity, innovation and a desire for human-centred innovation — and the rest of the globe is taking notice.

The Emotional Pull of a Brand: Inspired by the Story of Grenfell Athletic FC

An inspirational session about the football club born out of the ashes of the Grenfell tragedy with practical tips on how brands can meaningfully and powerfully impact local communities. Brothers & Sisters started life in the shadow of Grenfell Tower in 2005, so in 2017 when tragedy struck and a fire killed 72, injured 70 and rendered hundreds homeless, agency founder & ECD Andy Fowler felt compelled to help. When community support worker Rupert Taylor founded Grenfell Athletic FC, a...

Global Academy: Rethinking Routes into Advertising

Join Global’s Katrina Ridley — Heart presenter and Global Player podcast host — as she connects two students and one alumnus from Global Academy state school who’re passionate about joining the advertising industry. The session aims to discover how collectively we can break down barriers to getting a foot in, how we can use young people to create impact, what young people think about the industry and how colleagues can re-think the advertising industry for entry-level talent.

An Interview with Sophie Devonshire, CEO, The Marketing Society

A ‘Superfast’ session exploring perspectives on how to thrive rather than just survive in your marketing/advertising career right from the start (and why we should be optimistic about the future of marketing)
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