Executive Interview with Group CEO Barry Cupples of Talon

Barry Cupples, Group CEO at Talon, shares his perspective on why ‘ad-blindness’ is one of the biggest challenges for brands. How technology and data are the driving force behind the renaissance in OOH — becoming truly omnichannel and propelling itself out of the ‘guess economy’ and into the ‘evidence economy.’

Key Challenges and Opportunities Facing the European Streaming Market

The European streaming marketing is gaining steam as industry giants look to expand their global audiences. In this Q&A session, Keith Bedford, General Manager, EMEA at Wurl, will provide insight into the top challenges and opportunities facing the European streaming market today, from addressing content discovery to the impact of FAST and performance-based marketing for streamers and publishers.

Advertising in an Uncertain Economy: An Expert's Top Tips

Every marketer is having conversations about inflation, the economy and what their customers can afford to pay. They aren't easy conversations, but they are crucial to success. Marketing should be at that table. We should be part of the solution and work out the plans and strategies to see us through. The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising bring you the experts that will help you with these tough conversations.

The AI Advantage: How to Improve Creative Effectiveness

As an industry, we have been talking a lot about AI and creativity. But how are the trailblazers taking advantage of AI to turbocharge their creativity and performance? Join a discussion between Kraft Heinz and VidMob to learn everything about their journey to creative effectiveness through creative intelligence powered by AI.

How Marketers Can Drive Growth and Profitability Through Relevance

Nowadays, advertisers are increasingly looking for alternatives to traditional search and social advertising because of cost, reliance, and, more recently, tracking and attribution. Many premium brands work with Rokt to deliver against commercial objectives without compromising on customer experience and privacy.

Interview with Samba TV CEO, Ashwin Navin

Samba TV's CEO sits down with Advertising Week to discuss the latest developments in how TV viewership data is helping advertisers reach elusive audiences at scale in an increasingly complex ecosystem, as well as how Samba TV is collaborating with the industry to unlock new ways for advertisers to achieve better outcomes and ROI.

The New Exec Mindset

In an ever-changing world, what is going on inside the heads of Business Decision Makers? BBC Studios wanted to know what challenges they are facing, what is their mindset, and how should this translates into your advertising and branded content.

WTF Are People Thinking, Feeling and Buying in the “Bad Vibes” Economy?

In a slowing economy, uncertainty makes it hard for brands to navigate. Recession or not, will it feel like one? Here’s what consumers are thinking, doing and secretly spending on. We’ve got the data on what people want from brands right now and how brands can keep B2C relationships strong.

Attention, Attention… Driving Success within Live-Streaming Environments

The attention narrative is gaining momentum, but what does it really mean for advertisers? Pegged as the ultimate metric to understand the relationship between format, placement, creative and ad effectiveness, how does the attention economy work in practice? Join this session for insights from Dentsu and Lumen’s recent attention economy study, how attention is supercharged in live environments and a discussion on how brands can incorporate attention data into their planning and buying...

How Talking Shit Created a Whole New Category

Most brands' strategies and advertising are good enough. Technology and talent have raised the floor so that truly bad examples are becoming rare. But it’s also lowered the ceiling. Our media is full of a bloated middle ground of safe and homogenous brands. This is how creative strategy helped a young brand breakthrough ‘good enough’ by being gutsy with its business model, branding and communications. And how our creative strategy helped overdeliver its goals, commercial success and...

The Power of Responsible Journalism: A Healthy Digital Advertising Ecosystem

Responsible journalism and quality content are crucial for successful digital advertising. With an overload of information, accurate and credible journalism helps build trust between the media and its audiences, which is essential for any advertising campaign to succeed. Advertisers favour high-quality content, as it ensures their messages reach the right audience. This panel features leading media experts sharing best practices that safeguard responsible journalism and maintain a healthy...

A Social Publisher, Creator and Advertiser Walk Into a Bar…

With social programming and entertainment continuing to evolve, how do creators, broadcasters, advertisers and publishers fit in? Join Sarah Baumann (Managing Director, The Wild by Jungle Creations) for a panel discussion exploring the future of social media and its crucial role in helping brands unlock new audiences. From the increased importance of creator-led formats to the need for social agencies to navigate and execute successful social strategies, there is not just one simple approach...
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