Cultivating Community for Business Growth

What worked for brands to garner attention does not always work for consumers today. Brands are now required to shift to a model based on depth and breadth, human connection and storytelling, which is where community planning and engagement comes in. Thriving communities built on trust and transparency are emerging every day, and in this session Whalar, @BrandonB (video content creator) and Andrew Odong (Creator Communities Lead at YouTube EMEA), discuss the communities you need to know...

The Agony and Ecstasy of Brand Building

The journey from trading to branding: how Tyrrells kicked the promotions habit to upend the posh crisp market.

Tackling Racism: A Masterclass on What Brands Can Actually be Doing

Brands and agencies have the power and responsibility to help tackle racism. But consumers are savvy and instantly recognise superficial tokenism. Enter a new paradigm: ‘consumer equality’. This is a way brands can play their part in tackling societal inequality while delivering commercial success and brand growth. Business leaders must understand the new landscape. This 30-minute session will change everything. Sharing insights and proprietary data from the most comprehensive study into...

Shape What Britain Buys

In this Retail Media focused session, we’ll showcase examples of how the insight provided by Tesco Media and Insight Platform can help brands understand the UK’s shopping habits and we’ll outline examples of how more and more advertisers are taking advantage of the sophisticated targeting options provided by Tesco Media and Insight Platform to sharpen not just their shopper activations but more and more of their brand media too.

Gathering the Transformation Trio: Conversation with McLaren Racing and Diageo

From differentiating in a sea of sameness to fuelling bottom-line business impact, brands have had to weigh the opportunities and risks of business transformation in the last year — amplified by the acceleration of new user behaviours and an increasingly difficult economy. Truly transformative growth is unlocked by cooperation between the brand's data, innovation and marketing departments. Join Diageo, McLaren Racing and Media.Monks to hear their challenges, opportunities and strategies...

'The News. Meeting' LIVE

Join Tortoise Media for a live recording of the hit podcast, 'The News. Meeting' and help make the news. In every newsroom around the world, there’s a daily editorial conference to decide what leads the news, what follows and in what order. In the hit podcast The News Meeting, Tortoise gives listeners a chance to hear how editorial conferences work, and how these conversations shape the news agenda. Three journalists: Liz Moseley, Katie Gunning and Mark St. Andrew pitch the...

Powering People and Growth with AI: How Marketers can Embrace the Opportunity Now

AI has been transforming the way we live, work and experience the world for over a decade. It has the potential to solve society’s most pressing challenges, take businesses into a new phase of growth, and unleash human creativity. Join Debbie Weinstein, Managing Director, United Kingdom & Ireland, Google, to explore how AI is powering products loved and used every day, and how marketers can take advantage of the opportunities AI is creating.


Join Nicola Fox, Head of Programmatic at Talon, and Jay Young, Chief Client Officer at Grand Visual, as they explore the radical advancements in the DOOH industry and bring to life the brands that are pushing technological and creative boundaries, through daring campaigns supported by market-leading data and effective measurement — the catalyst behind the recent OOH renaissance.

All the World's a Stage: A Conversation with Harris Reed

One year ago, Harris Reed was announced as the world's first ZEO. A task appointed by Jackie Cooper to oversee Edelman's Gen Z Lab, a dedicated offering for brands looking to engage the complex, highly connected and, at times, challenging Generation Z. Harris is the ultimate representation of his generation — not only is he a cultural and creative touchstone, he's a gender-fluid designer responsible for two separate fashion labels, his own and the iconic Nina Ricci. Harris embodies...

Collaborations and Talent-Fronted Businesses: Gizzi Erskine and Professor Green on Their Journey with Giz N Greens

Join celebrity chef Gizzi Erskine and rapper-turned-entrepreneur Professor Green as they share insights into the world of collaborations and talent-fronted businesses. During this talk, Gizzi and Professor Green will discuss their personal experiences in developing their brand Giz N Greens. They will explore the challenges they faced and the strategies they employed to create a unique and memorable brand.

Equality in Motion

Join FairBreak and guests to discuss their mission to progress gender equality on a truly global scale, using cricket as the primary vehicle. Discover how, in doing so, this social impact organisation creates a ‘FairBreak’ to empower women to pursue success in their chosen endeavour. A FairBreak Invitational is the ONLY global T20 cricket tournament in the world; no other sports event, outside of an Olympic Games, brings athletes from over thirty-five nations together in one venue to...

What Would Happen if Agencies Were Paid by Value and Not by Cost?

The most valuable creative thing I have done in my entire life took 30 seconds and was given away for free. I have sometimes, it is only fair to admit, spent weeks doing things that are almost entirely worthless. And yet we continue to sell hours — even though the value we add is completely uncorrelated with the length of time we spend. For instance, why do we also spend all our time on brand problems — when there is huge scope for creative ideas at the category or even societal...
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