The Emotional Pull of a Brand: Inspired by the Story of Grenfell Athletic FC

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An inspirational session about the football club born out of the ashes of the Grenfell tragedy with practical tips on how brands can meaningfully and powerfully impact local communities. Brothers & Sisters started life in the shadow of Grenfell Tower in 2005, so in 2017 when tragedy struck and a fire killed 72, injured 70 and rendered hundreds homeless, agency founder & ECD Andy Fowler felt compelled to help. When community support worker Rupert Taylor founded Grenfell Athletic FC, a football team made up of survivors and the bereaved, Andy saw the potential of the club to not only become a positive force for the players but to become a powerful brand, unlocking amazing stories around the power of sport to heal. A football team that jumps over tribal loyalties to represent something far greater. They began an extraordinary creative journey, partnering with the likes of Mercedes, Nike, Cadbury & Soho House, persuading 72 celebs to wear the kit, and breaking Kitlocker’s grassroots football shirt sales record. It’s an account of how a powerful brand story can galvanise creative energy and how rewarding it is to divert resources into something so meaningful.
Tayshan Haydan-Smith Founder
Siobhan Brown PR & Brand Comms
Andy Fowler Founder & ECD
Brothers and Sisters
Rupert Taylor Founder
Grenfell Athletic