The State of Digital Advertising in 2019

Digital has fundamentally changed the way brands must think about advertising. Changing media consumption habits, a growing numbers of devices and channels available for reaching audiences at scale and the introduction of new technologies, like the forthcoming development of 5G, are making it that much easier for brands to make memorable connections with consumers. OpenX VP of EMEA, Gavin Stirrat, presents his take on the current state of digital advertising.

Gaming The System: Exclusive Research Launch From The Worlds Largest Social-First Gaming Community

Gaming remains one of the most active verticals on social media but many brands still struggle to assimilate with gaming communities. Campaigns targeting gamers are often ignored or mocked for their inauthenticity, outdated cultural references and misjudged tone of voice. So how do can brands be a part of the gaming conversation on social media?

FDX: Future Proofing Brand Decision Making

We make around 35,000 decisions every single day – from what to watch on TV through to choosing lunchtime sandwich or sushi! So how can brands be heard through all this mental activity? And which emerging technology opportunities should they be considering to smooth out those pain points within the consumer decision journey? Bringing together our exclusive DX research approach and the highly acclaimed Futures Trends programme, Mindshare reveals how your brand can start to create a future...

The Quality Street Gameshow: Why Not All Digital Media is Equal

We all instinctively believe that not all digital media is equal and that the impact of an ad depends largely on where it appears. Yet with programmatic, this fact is often not appreciated enough. But what are the key factors that make up a quality media buy and the benefits? Find out in this entertaining lesson featuring The Quality Street Gameshow, where our contestants, made up of industry experts and a leading brand, will discuss and debate what makes a quality media buy and how...

All Eyes on OTT: Rethinking Ads in the New Era of Viewing Behaviour

The way people view content has changed dramatically, especially when it comes to TV and video. Mobile devices, streaming services and on-the-go viewing -- among many other changes -- have opened the door for marketers to reach consumers in new ways with relevant messages and at massive scale. This lesson features senior leaders from every part of the ecosystem - Carat, OpenX, The Trade Desk, Pluto TV and Digiday - discussing the opportunity that exists with OTT and how the technology...

Developing Data-Led Creative

In 2019, modern communications needs more than creative content and media working together to be effective. It needs to use data to constantly improve itself. In this panel, learn from agency and brand experts from Shell, Buzzfeed, LinkedIn, VaynerMedia and WARC on how to leverage data-driven insights to create more valuable advertising and media.

The Intersection of Creativity and Artificial Intelligence

A visionary digital prophet and award-winning celebrated creative, a leading AI innovator and a Microsoft AI and machine learning expert. You won't find this line-up anywhere else, so we’re mixing up the traditional debate format giving way to a gameshow-style lesson featuring leaders armed with buzzers, interrupter cards and million dollar questions. Don't miss what will be an animated and provocative fired-up discussion answering the most significant questions around creativity and AI...

Voice - Can You Hear Me Now?

Artificial Intelligence platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are placing voice in the driver's seat. These are voice-first operating systems that are providing brands with the opportunities to engage and communicate directly to their consumers. Voice experts from Essence, IAB, Rabbit & Pork and VaynerMedia discuss the current offerings of voice and what the future holds for marketers and personalised communication.

PwC - Unlocking the power of data

How PwC is unlocking the power of spend, travel and telecoms data to drive personalised marketing strategies (that are GDPR compliant) and deliver £100m of revenue growth for the 600 members of London's New West End Company (centred around Bond St, Oxford St and Regent St).

The New Entertainment Game

A thought provoking debate with industry insiders. Mobile games are upending the entertainment paradigm by introducing new audiences to the scene and creating immersive experiences that are primed for advertisers. Are you prepared to keep up? Featuring Activision Blizzard Media, Spark Foundry, Warner Bros and OMG Media.

A Great Advert from Britain

As part of the UK advertising industry’s first-ever Export Month, the Advertising Association, the IPA and the Department for International Trade will discuss how UK advertising is selling its services around the world. The event will also see the launch of the UK’s Ad Exports Report, an annual-tracker of the industry’s export performance, produced by the advertising industry. Featuring Adam&EveDDB, IPA, M&C Saatchi, Framestore and the Advertising Association.

Brexit: where next for the UK?

Katharine Viner, editor-in-chief of The Guardian in conversation with Jane Martinson, Professor of Financial Journalism at City University and former Guardian head of media, discussing Brexit, the role of the media and the changing political landscape.
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