Getting Train Travel Back on Track in the New World of Flexible Working

With commuters deciding to stay working at home post-Covid, South Western Railway faced a business critical situation. Dan Hulse, Chief Strategy Officer at St Luke’s, discusses the innovations the SWR marketing team and agency brought to communications to help restore the business.

Welcome to Advertising Week Europe Day 3 with Lance Pillersdorf

Join Advertising Week Europe live from the Amazon Ads Studios in London to kick off Day 3 of the conference with a look ahead at the day’s programming.

Bringing Slow Journalism to Culture and Lifestyle

Jane Burton joins us live in the studio following the News Meeting Live to talk about the stories of the day from the News Meetings live, the launch of the Weekend Sense maker and how they made lifestyle content fit into the Tortoise.

Sonic Science 2.0: An Exploration of Audio’s Impact on the Body

Have you ever wondered what happens to you physically when you listen to digital audio? Music and podcasts can make you laugh, and they can make you cry, but did you know they can also increase brand recall and the likelihood of product purchases? Spotify wanted to learn more about these reactions which is why it began its Sonic Science research franchise in 2021. Spotify recently released its second volume: Sonic Science 2.0. Spotify partnered with biometrics research company MindProber...

An Interview with Rob Mayhew

Rob Mayhew joins us in the studio to share more about his journey to becoming a creator, his creative process and what the future looks like.

Tentpole Moments are in the Past, Inclusivity Should Be All Year

Join an interview with Buzzfeed UK's Head of Culture, Ada Enechi, as she shares how brands can be inclusive all year round.

The Advertising Week Europe Lowdown with Matt Scheckner

Advertising Week's Rebecca Eaves, Global VP of Talent and Development who oversees Advertising Week Europe, joins our host Riyadh Khalaf in the Amazon Ads Studio to discuss the big trends that have been seen at this Advertising Week and look at what comes ahead.

Wunderkind’s Amy Pearce on Why Non-Disruptive Ads are Key to Industry Survival

Attention has been heralded as the new ultimate advertising metric. But in a world where 35% of UK internet users aged 16-64 now use ad blockers, how can advertisers and publishers join forces to capture consumer attention in an ethical way without detriment to user experience? Answering this question is key to securing the long-term sustainability and lifespan of the online advertising industry. Wunderkind’s Head of Advertising, Amy Pearce, weighs in on why the future of advertising is...
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