Closing the Gap, Featuring Tan France and Konnie Huq

UTA client Tan France (entrepreneur, fashion designer and presenter of Queer Eye and Next in Fashion) and Konnie Huq (presenter, author and screenwriter) discuss the need for better South Asian and gender representation in media and the power of entertainment to change perceptions.

Seen in a Scene on a Screen: How to Get Your Brand on the Streamers

A step-by-step guide on how to get your brand in the latest culture-defining streaming hit show using a combination of product placement, co-marketing and branded entertainment. UTA is one of the pioneers in this space and reveals its latest research with a report from its intelligence division IQ.

Who Do You Really Think You Are? An Ancestry Reveal with Bradley Walsh & Sue Perkins

Live Ancestry DNA reveal with national treasures Sue Perkins and Bradley Walsh. Actress, broadcaster, comedian, presenter and writer Sue Perkins and actor, comedian, singer, television presenter and former professional footballer Bradley Walsh explore their family history and genetic traits they have that may have propelled them to success. UTA client Ancestry have taken their DNA samples and will be hosting a live reveal on stage, leading to a lively and witty discussion between these...

A Pathway to Premium: Understanding the Impact of Quality Gameplay Experiences

With the rise and dominance of a multi-platform economy, fragmented attention and wavering consumer expectations, finding premium environments that ensure captivating and relevant experiences for audiences is the holy grail for today's modern marketer.

I’m Using AI at Work (And My Boss Doesn’t Know!)

As the news stories abound of the growing use of AI in every aspect of our lives, Advertising Week Europe commissioned Cint, global software leader in digital insights and research technology, to find out how AI is being adopted, or otherwise, in the world of work. Rebecca Eaves, director of AWEurope and Rosie Bolam, from Cint’s Media Measurement team will review the results and insights – hot off the press - and their potential impact on the future of AI in our working lives

Creating Accessible Advertising: In Conversation with Meta and P&G

Roughly 1 in 4 people worldwide live with a visual, auditory or cognitive impairment. In 2022 Meta and P&G partnered to create accessible ad formats which would transform the lives of over a billion people with disabilities and make their purchase paths easier. Join Leigh Thomas, Vice President, Global Clients - Meta, Sumaira Latif, Company Accessibility Leader at P&G and Matt Thomas - Senior Group Media Director - NE at P&G for insights into how they are connecting with this community.

The Power Index from The Washington Post

The Power Index research from The Washington Post analyzes how consumer culture, policy and business converge. This multi-dimensional look allows us to ground our work in the needs of the audiences we serve. Join us for a conversation about learnings and implications for leaders navigating the intersection of people, business and policy.

Unique Platforms for Outsized Returns

Join this panel of experts who drive insights from AI, digital mapping, focused datasets, and attention metrics so that we can provide better experiences to customers alongside the complexities of new behaviors.

Culture-Led Innovation: A Story About Modern African Energy

In 2021, Heineken’s Global ZERO Alcohol Beverage team partnered with jump! Innovation to create a new type of energy malt brand for African consumers. Join Lee Geraghty, Partner & Head of Market UK for jump! Innovation, and Claire McFerran, Senior Global Category and Innovation Manager for ZERO Beverages, Heineken, to discuss their culture-led approach to brand creation, which combines traditional consumer research with nuanced cultural insight and on-the-ground partnerships and creative...

Shaping the Future of Desirability Through Luxury and Fashion

Marketing has always been a force for change, from pushing the boundaries of popular culture, to defining desirability and inspiring people to drive societal change. Increasingly brands and marketing departments have been battling greenwashing accusations, financial scrutiny and even talent churn as young marketers start questioning their ability to deliver on purpose. A recent report from MANO finds that most of the Global Luxury brands -usually experts of storytelling- still...

Sponsorship: The Original Influencer

Sponsorship is the original influencer, an underleveraged opportunity for brands to play in culture and build stronger relationships. Gareth Griffiths, Director, Partnerships and Sponsorship at Virgin Media O2, will share his secrets of success about the world’s longest and most successful sports partnership with England Rugby, how The O2 was transformed into the world’s number one entertainment venue and into The O3 for Drake, and how an employee from O2’s Watford store is becoming a...

Heardlines are the New Headlines

Audio formats have revolutionised the way audiences consume current affairs content. This creates opportunities for brands to run in an environment that’s trusted, brand safe and commands high levels of attention. Join audio, news and brand marketing experts as they discuss the role news audio is playing in changing consumer behaviour and the opportunities for brands to reach these growing and highly engaged audiences.
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