How Agencies Can Recruit and Retain More Diverse Talent

Insights from 4 years of research told by the students, graduates, and leading talent in agencies about how to create diverse cultures that thrive.

Fireside Chat with Sally Burdett: Fake News

Sally Burdett, eNCA anchor, talks about the importance of balanced media reporting and avoiding polarisation. In the era of fake news and social media pile ons, how can people be sure that what they are seeing is correct? What is it that makes people buy into tall stories and do people choose 'truths' that fulfil their own bias? An important discussion on how fake news can be tackled.

Rebuilding Brand You

2020 has been a year of uncertainty and change, with that our lives have had to adjust and adapt and will continue to do so. Furlough, home-working, redundancies and balancing the day job with caring responsibilities has been the reality for most of us this year. But as things move forward, how do we continue to flourish in our careers and stand our from the crowd?

Six Superfast tips for pace setting leaders

In a world that has been moving superfast across the last decade, 2020 has proven more challenging than we could have ever anticipated. Leaders have had a dramatically challenging year for setting the right pace for their business, for their teams and for their communications.

The Storytelling Experience

How can brands and marketers use events and live experiences to tell their brand story? Our speakers reveal the storytelling techniques that they use to elevate events and installations to become experiences. Then we investigate the effect the pandemic had on plans for experiences, and how brands adapted. What have we learned, and what are the models that will work in the future?

UK Advertising. Made Global.

The new UK Advertising Export Group launches this month. Created by the Advertising Association, the IPA and the APA, and with leading agencies and production companies as members, it has the backing of the Government, through the Department for International Trade.

Marketing in 2020

Head of International Marketing at Facebook, Fatima Saliu, will discuss Facebook’s journey of building timeless brands and how to stay true to your brand while responding to the unprecedented and unpredictable challenges we’re facing today.

Marketers Who Lead: Burger King

Burger King's Fernando Machado sits down to talk about what Burger King has been doing and what it plans to do next in its quirky, irreverent brand campaigns.

The Future of Commerce

How Merchants and Platforms are Reacting and Rebuilding during COVID.

The Reality of Data-Driven Everything

Data continues to transform marketing and advertising. Research is showing there is a huge opportunity around data-driven media, creative, customer service, measurement and more. The potential is there but what will it really take to turn it to reality.

Expert Analysis with Sue Todd, Magnetic Media

Hear from an expert as our AW2020 host Bridget McManus walks us through this expert analysis segment. She’ll be talking to Sue Todd from Magnetic Media to hear their take on the biggest issues facing our industry and society.

Live interview with Laurent Simon, VMLY&R

Laurent Simon of VMLY&R joins live to give his take on the marketing trends that matter now.
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