Pop Meets Policy: Driving Global Scaled Impact with Brands

In this conversation, we will explore how and why the world’s biggest brands work with nonprofit partners like Global Citizen to amplify their social impact initiatives and drive real change toward the Sustainable Development Goals. We will also highlight the importance of corporate-driven impact programs that give young people the power to create justice, strengthen their communities, and ultimately create a better world.

Marketing Can Change the World

Sonoo Singh, Associate Editor at The Drum brings together a panel of experts from brands and agencies across the globe to discuss how ‘Marketing Can Change the World’. The conversation will examine how marketers can come together using their skill sets and knowledge to save small businesses owned by minority groups.

The Power of Stories in Creating Community

Save the Children and Scholastic will discuss their recent collaboration on the viral #SAVEWITHSTORIES campaign – launched by actors Jennifer Garner and Amy Adams to support children impacted by the unprecedented school closures due to COVID. By creating a community of children, families, readers, educators, celebrities and authors – the collaboration proved that storytelling is the most powerful and enduring human tool for change.

The Systemic Racial Diversity Disconnect in Entry Level Hiring

To truly embrace diversity, specifically racial diversity, the industry must examine the overall structural construct of talent mobility when entering the industry and keeping this talent engaged. Since 2018, the ANA Educational Foundation (AEF) has conducted an annual study on the disconnects across academia, industry, and talent, specifically new hires and undergraduate students. The first focused on general talent; the second on diverse talent, specifically through the lens of racial...

AWMoms Table Talk Series: Global Perspectives

AWMoms Global Table Talk Working Moms are today’s front-line warriors balancing responsibilities at home and at work. They stare down unique challenges on a daily basis and for Moms looking t re-enter the workplace, COVID-19 has made a hard job even more difficult. Advertising Week and Facebook are partnering to expand AWMoms, a year-round initiative to provide working Moms and returners alike a special Community where they can come together to learn, share experiences, network and more to...

Defining Latinx

Few of us are any one thing – Our identifiers can be cultural, racial, gender-based, social, or a combination of the above, which is why some brands and marketers can find it challenging to speak to today’s consumers in a way that addresses all of their possible multitudes. In honor of Latinx Heritage Month, Tristen Norman, Head of Creative Insights for the Americas at Getty Images will explore the concept of layered identities, the evolution of the term "Latinx," and how we—as consumers,...

Marketing in a time of activism

Brands are evolving into organizations with as much character, individuality, and expression as the people that consume their products and services. Consumers more and more view their choice of brand as a reflection of their own identities and values. During a time of heightened consumer activism, we discuss how brands navigate aligning with causes and understanding what actions best represent and reflect their own and their customers' values.

How do you operationalize ethics?

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. That’s how advertising should think about the ethical collection of data, long a hot topic in the industry. As consumers become more aware of the information brands collect on them, it’s on us to give them good reasons to allow us to collect their data. A key tenet of almost all privacy legislation around the world is giving consumers clear notice of how their data is to be used and offering them choice over use. From GDPR to CCPA, from the...

Storytelling with LOTS of Data:  Using Your Data to Maximize Business Impact

With a dizzying amount of data available, shouldn’t it be easier than ever to reach, optimize, and measure against the, “Perfect Customer”? For some marketers, even with the most valuable data available, it’s still difficult to cut through the high-intensity noise to distinguish why those petabytes of data matter. The way to reach that signal requires a combination of effective data processing to “listen” to the data signals and data-driven storytelling that enables action.

A Moment or Movement: A Town Hall with SATURDAY MORNING

An open conversation from the leaders of SATURDAY MORNING, creators of the Emmy nominated The Look, on the role of creativity in driving economic change in racial equity, and the role that brands and companies must take to make this not a moment but a real movement. Moderated by Krystle Watler, Managing Director, Virtue. Takeaways: Creativity has the power to shift and change racial bias. Until change happens internally at brands and companies, the outward messages will not have...

Learn to Scale Emotional Intelligence for Your Acquisition Campaigns

Learn how to use artificial intelligence and emotional intelligence to boost marketing acquisition campaign.

Commerce’s Roaring 20s

The impact of upcoming 5G everywhere, newly changed consumer behavior thanks to COVID-19, and the looming generational shift thanks to Generation Z, will make the commerce in the 2010s look more like the 1920s than the 21st century. Thanks to internet that is ubiquitous, cheap, and available everywhere, people will no longer “go shopping”, but rather will always be shopping. ​
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