Facebook Blueprint- Conversational Commerce

Conversational Commerce is about connecting with people through chat by building effective conversational commerce campaigns and establishing a strong commerce presence on Facebook messaging platforms. This virtual training session provides you with an overview of how to build a powerful framework for conversational commerce campaigns on Facebook to help you connect with people and grow your business.

The Move Toward User Privacy & The Growing Responsibility of Consumer Education

Join Mike Shields, Next in Marketing podcast Host and former Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, AdWeek and Digiday Editor and Brian Quinn, AppsFlyer’s US President and General Manager for a fireside chat that dives into the ecosystem’s pivotal privacy updates, including Apple’s IDFA opt-out and the impact of iOS 14 to measurement and attribution. This conversation will also touch on the growing responsibility of brands and advertisers to educate consumers, so that they are able to balance...

How to keep your talent close, from afar: have you got the Appreciation Factor?

We're living & working differently. Patti McConnell, co-founder & managing partner of Something Different sees this as our ‘reset’ time to bring back what’s been lacking in our industry for too long; recognizing individuals. Not just for the job well done, but to simply be engaged, compassionate humans. Knowing they wouldn’t have the opportunity to say kudos to the team(s) who nailed the ideas in person, SD quickly realized the importance of expressing appreciation and communicating differently.

Aligning beliefs with behaviors - designing culture from the inside out

This talk will explore the psychology of how beliefs turn into behavior - both personally and professionally - and how organizational culture takes shape as a result. Organizational behavior is shaped by a series of what we call ‘culture loops’ - unconscious programming that emerges from organizational norms and group behavior. Organizations of the future will only be as strong as the cultures they build. Those that are capable of building sustainable culture loops will not only strengthen...

AW2020 Investor Forecast

From a content vantage point, we are looking to do a deep dive on the current economic climate with a focused eye on the road to recovery. Where are the opportunities, hidden and not-so-hidden? Clearly certain sectors have been particularly hard hit, others less so and as some businesses and sectors are compromised or disappear completely, others are emerging. Across the board we are seeing acceleration on the pace of technology-driven change and incredible stories of innovation and...

Why Gen Z is challenging everything you think you know about marketing to womxn

We need to radically redefine our expectations and representation of womxn for the better. Gender-based marketing is responsible for establishing and perpetuating many norms and biases, not least those around gender identity. Now is the time for positive change.

TV’s Greatest Power Play is Cross-Platform Measurement

This challenging year has unlocked some of the greatest opportunities for the TV advertising ecosystem. COVID-19 has accelerated the need for cross-platform measurement and put a new focus on the need to meet consumers where they are. The multi-screen, cross-platform universe has brought the TV industry together and established a greater need for collaboration around identity, authenticated audiences, addressability, and attribution. Becoming audience-obsessed and measurement-focused is...

Quantcast Keynote: A Rallying Cry for the Open Internet

The internet’s original sin was allowing users to believe that that content is free, when good content - that informs, entertains and connects us - is generally very expensive to create and is mostly supported by the ad-funded economic model. The advertising technology produced to support this system has undergone many shifts – and now must quickly evolve again to survive. Join Konrad Feldman, founder and CEO at Quantcast, as he discusses: *Consent *Identity *Data-driven audiences...

Why purpose doesn't matter. How to lead with the cool and bake in the good.

The ethical elements of a product or service are rarely the only drivers behind people’s decision-making, in fact they’re more likely to be the justification. Let's be honest, as fantastic as Patagonia's social values are, they wouldn't sell half as many backpacks if their stuff wasn't top quality, and cool. Based on her own experience, in this workshop founder of ethical ad platform Good-Loop (and one of the Forbes 30 Under 30 cohort) Amy Williams will explore how profit and purpose can...

A Guide to Cultural Strategy: How to Avoid being “Cancelled”

A brand’s cultural involvement makes up a full 25 percent of a consumer’s purchase decision, so when developing new creatives or campaigns, the worst result from the work you’ve put in is backlash, negative global outcry' and being 'cancelled' by culture. This workshop will help refine your approach to creating frameworks that are in tune with consumers targeted and, more importantly, resonate with communities.

Creativity in a Time of Crisis

The most successful brands are those that adapt their communications through a brand purpose lens, especially during times of duress. In this session led by Droga5, leaders from JPMorgan Chase and Facebook will share how they used real-time responsive thinking to help their brands navigate through the uncharted territory of COVID-19.

Adjust + Reddit: Adopting a Mobile-First Approach to Boost Brand Loyalty

As the mobile advertising industry hits an inflection point, it’s more important than ever to boost brand loyalty. In this session, global app marketing platform Adjust, together with Reddit, will host a lively discussion on mobile-first strategies — fueled by data rich mobile attribution. Take a deep dive into the role data-driven decisions play in igniting brand awareness, propelling growth, and increasing loyalty and engagement.
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