Introducing Alternative IDs for a Cookieless Internet

The coming death of third-party cookies has put the entire digital ecosystem on alert and is opening the doors to a new era: the internet of trust. Guided by Daniel Czaplinski, CEO and Co-Founder of Retargetly, in this session we will learn how to reach the promise of marketing 1:1 at scale, to establish trust-based relationships between users, brands and media; and to ensure that privacy is at the core of each action in a cookieless world. At the end of the session join us in a panel next to...

In Search of the Humble Brand

Marketers are beginning to realize that humility isn't a weakness, in many cases it's a strength. How can brands deliver on today's objectives while deepening their client relationships through humble actions? Steve Nottingham, SVP of Strategic Brand Solutions at WSJ Barron's Group would like to share the Journal's thoughts on what it means to serve with humility.

A Marketer’s Guide to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

The CCPA gives California consumers new rights over their data, but it's causing challenges for marketers. How should marketers prepare for rights to request, delete and opt-out of the sale of personal information? How can marketers comply with privacy laws while remaining customer-centric and maximizing opt-in? In this session, we’ll share what marketers need to know about the CCPA, provide a guide to demonstrating ongoing compliance and share best practices for creating an effective and...

DTC & OOH Turn Heads, Drive Sales

Why OOH for DTC? OOH has the captivating power to break through advertising clutter – it’s not at the mercy of the digital ad blocker and on-demand streaming services. It offers DTC brands an opportunity to present themselves to customers in unique, headline-generating ways. Jeremy will share campaign results that prove OOH advertising increases brand trust and loyalty and leads to online activations.

The Transparency Game: The Problems, Fall Outs & Solutions for AdTech

The issue of transparency has been a complicated one for decades on our industry. it covers the spectrum of issues from placement to platform fees to partnerships. in this session we will uncover how we got to this point and what the ultimate solution is to operate fair and open marketplaces for publishers, advertisers and ultimately consumers.

Trust or Bust

As Keith Weed said earlier this year ‘a brand without trust is just a product, and advertising without trust is just noise’. So, the Advertising Association’s President is coming to AWNewYork to share the UK’s plan to stop the long-term decline in public trust of advertising. The biggest ever ethnographic study of public trust in advertising, conducted by UK advertising think tank Credos, has led to a five-step action plan to rebuild trust..

Authentic Stories In Manufactured Worlds: How To Speak 'Gamer'

No other community—online or off—can smell bullshit quite like gamers. Savvy almost to a fault, gamers represent a significant challenge to today’s brand creatives. Win them over and they’re more loyal than anyone. Trigger their BS radar and you’ll lose them forever. In this discussion, learn why winning over gamers is all about authenticity and the ability to not only speak their language, but learning to know what to say once you have their attention.

The Future is Transparent: Building Trust in AdTech

Is the ad tech industry relying on transparency changes? This panel of industry leaders will discuss how agencies and advertisers are proactively advocating for greater clarity within programmatic, and reciprocally, how publishers are responding. What was acceptable only twelve months ago is no longer meeting the demands of advertisers and consumers today. This conversation will address the growing need for a more transparent and open set of industry standards, with trust at the center.

Grabbing Headlines: The Intersection of Trust & News

41% of consumers report they are engaging with more news coverage than they were two years ago. Increasingly, we choose to place attention on news we believe is credible, reliable, and trusted. What happens when misinformation spreads throughout the ecosystem? If fake news takes over, it puts brand safety at risk. A well informed public is good for business. Verizon Media’s dynamic panel will discuss the importance of maintaining a reliable information ecosystem for better business and society.

THE TRUST DEFICIT: Why This Year Matters to the Future of News

Imagine a world without news. How would that impact our lives, our literacy, our democracy? What about our jobs in advertising? As trust in news erodes, so does the heart and soul of our business. Some argue that advertiser hyper-sensitivity to brand safety in news is impacting the sector’s economic viability, while others believe in its necessity. Join this time-sensitive dialogue with advertiser, publisher, agency and tech executives as they debate and collaborate on what it will take to...

Influencer Marketing #trustissues

Influencer fraud is nothing new and a continuous battle for the industry, it undermines one of the core strengths of influencer marketing; as a whole brands can use it to tap into authentic, engaged audiences for their campaigns. Trust and clarity are the most important factors for influencer marketing. But how do we prevent this from breaking down? Adam Williams, CEO of Takumi will be revealing insights on how influencers, brands, and consumers all have trust issues with influencer...

Rage Against The Machine: What Deepfakes & Algorithmic Bias Means For Your Content Marketing

Identifying the perfect brand narrative is a challenge, but safeguarding that narrative has gotten a whole lot harder. Are you prepared to defend your brand against malicious actors and rogue algorithms alike? The rise of deepfake technology creates a new and important consideration for marketers and their agencies. Today, it’s imperative that R&D teams work directly with brand storytellers to verify authenticity and manage conversations. Join WSJ for a panel conversation on the importance...
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