Introducing Alternative IDs for a Cookieless Internet

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The coming death of third-party cookies has put the entire digital ecosystem on alert and is opening the doors to a new era: the internet of trust. Guided by Daniel Czaplinski, CEO and Co-Founder of Retargetly, in this session we will learn how to reach the promise of marketing 1:1 at scale, to establish trust-based relationships between users, brands and media; and to ensure that privacy is at the core of each action in a cookieless world. At the end of the session join us in a panel next to key industry members.
Daniel Czaplinski CEO & Co-Founder
Christiane De Carvalho VP, Global Digital Data Strategy and Innovation
Eric Tourtel Senior Vice President, Latin America
Fernando Oliver Digital Transformation Manager
Andres Azpilicueta Chief Digital Officer
Publicis Media

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