Identity in Advertising: How to Future-Proof Data-Driven Marketing

The use of data in advertising is experiencing a period of chaos as privacy regulations tighten and anti-tracking announcements from browsers become more frequent. It’s resulted in brands being presented with an abundance of choice and solutions. But to set up for long-term success, be privacy compliant and rebuild consumer trust, brands need to take charge of their data strategy. In this session, Elizabeth Brennan, Head of Advertiser Strategy at Permutive, will share how brands can take...

The Future of Identity, with Lukas Fassbender, The Trade Desk

Marketers are experiencing a unique convergence of events in time, with unprecedented pressure to prove ROI in a regulatory landscape that has been transformed by changing consumer preference, where new privacy and ad relevance challenges are emerging. Join Lukas Fassbender, General Manager of DACH at The Trade Desk, as he answers: • What does the future of identity mean for marketeers? • How will digital marketing evolve in response to these challenges? • What should marketers be doing...

Is Facebook the Next Big Tobacco?

No stranger to controversy, Facebook is both revered and reviled for its unprecedented global reach that influences billions of people across the world. But at what cost? Unsuspecting consumers are giving away tons of personal information under the guise of social connection, when in reality Facebook is accumulating data to manipulate their behaviors and interests, keeping users addicted to a product they can’t live without. Like Big Tobacco--a similarly unregulated industry that made...

Industry Town Hall: Collaboration & Online Identity

Can an industry that thrives on competition work together towards a better solution to online identity? The future of advertising without third-party cookies and with restricted ad IDs is forcing the hand of innovation within the entire ecosystem. The industry now must work together to create a better solution for  online  identification, as well as  enable  privacy-protection  and  addressable  advertising  for users.  

Protect Your Assets: Post-Cookie Identity Solutions

Now, more than ever, every dollar you invest in your content or ads has to work harder. New privacy regulations are shifting strategies, cookies and other identifiers are being sunsetted, and the pandemic is disrupting everything. What is a publisher or advertiser to do to ensure they are still able to reach audiences accurately and efficiently?

Discovering New Consumers in a Private Web

The open web as we know it today is under threat. While it's advertising that funds the internet, advertisers ironically have yet to uncover an alternative for third-party cookies and the clock is ticking. Brands, platforms, and consumers will need to come together to keep this new private web safe, secure, neutral, and decentralised. Join Aqilliz CEO Gowthaman Ragothaman and BritePool CEO David J. Moore to discover the latest technological breakthroughs in identity management and what they...

Introducing Alternative IDs for a Cookieless Internet

The coming death of third-party cookies has put the entire digital ecosystem on alert and is opening the doors to a new era: the internet of trust. Guided by Daniel Czaplinski, CEO and Co-Founder of Retargetly, in this session we will learn how to reach the promise of marketing 1:1 at scale, to establish trust-based relationships between users, brands and media; and to ensure that privacy is at the core of each action in a cookieless world. At the end of the session join us in a panel next to...

Privacy and Digital Marketing: Five Predictions for 2020

With consumer privacy concerns rising and regulation on the horizon, companies cannot afford marketing missteps or mishaps when it comes to serving their customers. Join eMarketer principal analyst Lauren Fisher as she shares her predictions for how privacy will alter the digital advertising landscape in 2020.

A Marketer’s Guide to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

The CCPA gives California consumers new rights over their data, but it's causing challenges for marketers. How should marketers prepare for rights to request, delete and opt-out of the sale of personal information? How can marketers comply with privacy laws while remaining customer-centric and maximizing opt-in? In this session, we’ll share what marketers need to know about the CCPA, provide a guide to demonstrating ongoing compliance and share best practices for creating an effective and...

A world without IDFA: The implications for marketers of the removal of IDFA

Whether we're talking iOS, Android or the web, the drift of the mobile ecosystem is towards increased privacy. In this session, we'll analyze the implications for mobile marketing measurement should Apple remove the IDFA (IDentifier for Advertising). We'll also explore the alternatives that exist including fingerprinting and SKAdNetwork. It's never too early to start planning, so join us as we prepare for the future of privacy.

Inside The Great Hack

The Great Hack Netflix documentary lifted the curtain on our vulnerability and how public opinion and the very foundation of our democracy is being manipulated and shaken to the core. Jeff Goodby, Academy Award nominated and Emmy Award winning directors Karim Amer and Jehane Noujaim, Emmy Award winning producer Geralyn Dreyfous, joined by Brittany Kaiser, a former Cambridge Analytica employee and whistleblower featured in the film, go deep inside the complex issues of data, privacy and...

Navigating Identity and Privacy in the Age of Regulation

The digital ad industry is at a critical turning point. On one hand, the regulatory landscape and browser functionality are changing rapidly, keeping many stakeholders in digital advertising up at night. On the other hand, leveraging consumer IDs and data in advertising is more important than ever, with the application of targeting, attribution, and other capabilities boosting ad revenue by as much as 100 percent. With significant changes to regulation on the horizon, both at home and...
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