Rage Against The Machine: What Deepfakes & Algorithmic Bias Means For Your Content Marketing

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An Interview with Paul Nesbitt, International Insights Director, Twitch

Identifying the perfect brand narrative is a challenge, but safeguarding that narrative has gotten a whole lot harder. Are you prepared to defend your brand against malicious actors and rogue algorithms alike? The rise of deepfake technology creates a new and important consideration for marketers and their agencies. Today, it’s imperative that R&D teams work directly with brand storytellers to verify authenticity and manage conversations. Join WSJ for a panel conversation on the importance of separating fact from fake.
Phillipa Leighton-Jones Editor-at-Large
The Wall Street Journal
Guthrie Collin Chief Analytics Officer
Dow Jones
Marc Minardo Managing Director
Sard Verbinnen & Co.
Gordon Crovitz Co-CEO

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