Brits Have Moved To Streaming First, Has Your Marketing Strategy?

84% of viewers in the UK are now streaming and Linear share continues on a decline. The session will reveal winning strategies from leading marketers who are meeting the shift to streaming and driving outcomes for their brands.

Co-Viewing: Is it Really Happening? UK Edition

As working parents juggle educating and entertaining their child(ren) while trying to work from home, they are reluctantly turning to screentime for support. One way parents are dealing with an increase in their child(ren)’s streaming habits is by consistently monitoring what they’re watching and joining them when they can. In this session, we’ll look at what increased levels of CTV usage means for families and the brands trying to meaningfully reach them.

Capturing the Connected TV opportunity: Why the growth of CTV cannot be ignored

Video advertising platform, Unruly, released a study investigating consumer attitudes and consumption habits around connected TV (CTV). Our research looks closely at the UK CTV landscape five months after the global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Join Unruly’s Global VP of Insights & Solutions, Rebecca Waring to find out more about the key findings and learn how advertisers can tap into current CTV opportunities.

The Streaming Revolution

How an Indonesian streamer is paving the way with premium live sports, originals and a vast library. We will discuss the strategy of Mola TV, how it's adapted and what it will do next! Mola TV is a premium video streaming service that combines a complete offering of entertainment content , ranging from premium live sports events, high quality local and foreign original programs, curated movies and fun learning children programming. Mola is available on web, mobile app, Android TV app and...

LinkedIn Live 101

Want exclusive access to live-streaming on LinkedIn? Interested in learning best practices for live-streaming on our platform? Stop by the LinkedIn Live 101 Workshop to get started and learn everything you need to know to build a successful live-streaming strategy.

Calling All Cord Cutters

TV viewing behaviors have evolved faster than predicted as consumers demand control over what they watch, when they watch and how they watch. Hear what trends are emerging and how advertisers can be most effective.

The Future Of Mobile Video Is Now: Pioneering Vertical Mobile-first Storytelling

Your phone is the new TV. Snapchat has been a leader in mobile-first experiences for the Gen Z and Millennial audience, pioneering the first vertical video content platform designed exclusively for mobile. Sean Mills, Snap’s head of original content, along with top-tier partners from Snap’s original shows, will lead a compelling discussion about what it’s like to create made-for-mobile premium content and where the future of mobile storytelling is headed in 2020.

5G & The Live Content Experience

"The 5G revolution is at our door step. Most consumers today believe 5G is simply about having a faster phone or internet connection. While this is absolutely true, 5G is so much more…in this session we will dive deep on how 5G is set to change the live experience. From concerts to sporting events to Theater, 5G will transform the way we look at the world through the virtual and augmented lenses."

Safe Streaming: The Future Of First Party Data Child-Focused Digital Advertising

The presentation will explore the children's focused digital advertising space including topics such as user privacy, existing legislation, emerging policies and the rapidly growing CTV child user segment.

The Next Generation of Data-Driven TV

The line between traditional media channels and more accountable digital channels is finally fading. Marketers have long used correlation rather than causation to measure the impact of TV media investments - totaling over $64 billion in 2018 - but the landscape is rapidly changing. Cross-platform activation and measurement is the next step to proving every dollar performed. The best marketers will be able to prove effectiveness at scale across every channel, including linear TV, addressable...

Video Track Introduction

The pace of change in video over the past decade is dizzying, especially with streaming taking the landscape by force and changing the nature of competition for consumer attention. Join us and dive into the world of video to get a pulse on shifting consumer behaviors, emerging trends across both TV and digital, and insights into overcoming existing challenges.

The Future of TV Is Now: How Brands are Scaling Success in Connected TV

In today's on-demand streaming world, consumers have more control over the content experience than ever. Marketers are seizing the opportunity to create more personalized connections with consumers and drive new experiences that resonate in the 'connected' living room. Our panel of marketing leaders will discuss the power of connected TV advertising and offer their perspective on how it is helping them to create deeper connections with their consumers.
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