Trying Video on For Size

Bigger isn’t always better – advertisers need to look beyond app downloads and viewing numbers, and focus on metrics like usage, engagement and co-viewing to truly evaluate size and scale of publishers and impact on consumer behaviour. What kinds of data are best to combine and leverage to change the TV viewing landscape and how is streaming changing measurement and relevancy?

The Future of TV Is Now: How Brands are Scaling Success in Connected TV

In today's on-demand streaming world, consumers have more control over the content experience than ever. Marketers are seizing the opportunity to create more personalized connections with consumers and drive new experiences that resonate in the 'connected' living room. Our panel of marketing leaders will discuss the power of connected TV advertising and offer their perspective on how it is helping them to create deeper connections with their consumers.

The Streaming Wars Paved the Way For An Ad-Supported OTT World

Whether it be on a smart TV, a mobile phone or any other connected device, streaming now makes up a significant portion of all consumer time spent with media. Subscription services have been riding this wave of opportunity and growing large subscriber bases to date, but with an array of new SVOD entrants set to crowd the space in the coming months, subscription fatigue has become a reality.

Safe Streaming - The Future of Child Focused Digital Advertising

This lesson will explore the children's focused digital advertising space including topics such as user privacy, existing legislation, emerging policies and the rapidly growing CTV child user segment. Daniel Riddell, CTO, at Kidoodle.TV lays out the market.

Harnessing the Power of Community

Live streaming services such as Twitch, Mixer, and live features on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook allow marketers engaging ways to connect with consumers and grow their audience. How can brands leverage communities within these live environments to provide value and sustain engagement at scale? How can communities come together to experience a moment in real time...together, all at once? Join Adam Harris with key players in the industry who can speak to experiences and best...
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