Effectv: How 2020 Changes Advertising Forever

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Join Effectv’s General Manager James Rooke in conversation with MSNBC anchor Ali Velshi for an insightful look at how massive changes in the economy, political climate, and society in 2020 will fundamentally change the advertising industry in 2021 and beyond. Hear how these trends are impacting major corporations and small businesses in dramatically different ways, and how the economic headwinds are creating new opportunities for well capitalized, aggressive marketers, while some business models get hit hard. Learn more about how the TV advertising industry is experiencing a seismic shift, with enriched data and multiscreen TV viewing enabling marketers to target their audiences on any device, with reporting and attribution metrics that now quantify campaign performance—making TV even more essential and effective. And find out taking a stand on social issues is increasingly an important choice that journalists, the media, and marketers will need to make as they build long term affinity with viewers and customers.
James Rooke General Manager
Ali Velshi MSNBC Anchor
Al Jazeera America

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