New York 2019


Movie Studio Production Innovations for Global Brands

Hollywood content creators produce, finish, share and adapt TV, digital and social video content differently than Madison Avenue. Marketers have been driven into an era of continuous video production, yet the legacy platforms on which they operate struggle to keep pace; Studios have always operated on high-volume, short-turnaround business models with internal and external platforms already built for speed. Learn a few tricks of the trade from PostAds Group, a leading Hollywood-Madison Avenue...

Capitalize On The Convergence Of Linear & Digital

The convergence of TV and digital represents a monumental shift in the advertising ecosystem with combined global linear and digital TV advertising spend exceeding $233 billion. The ability to capitalize relies on understanding how to apply data across TV and digital environments and better influence consumer exposure in both mediums. Come and learn how to better inform your media strategy to drive results.

2D to Ambience: The Evolution of Physical Space-as-a-Platform

Join LNKBOX as they present “2D to Ambience: The Evolution of Physical Space-as-a-Platform” They’ll cover mapping digital behavior to the physical world and how the Experience Economy will disrupt outdoor media.

The Addressable Future

With the stage set for collaboration on Addressable Advertising at scale, now is the time to work together and overcome the remaining hurdles, such as measurement and ratings. In this 50-minute workshop, Comscore will be joined by a panel of industry stakeholders from across the media ecosystem to explore the possibilities of an Addressable future including why Addressable Advertising is necessary, and the best way to position the Addressable evolution from where we are today.

Navigating Identity and Privacy in the Age of Regulation

The digital ad industry is at a critical turning point. On one hand, the regulatory landscape and browser functionality are changing rapidly, keeping many stakeholders in digital advertising up at night. On the other hand, leveraging consumer IDs and data in advertising is more important than ever, with the application of targeting, attribution, and other capabilities boosting ad revenue by as much as 100 percent. With significant changes to regulation on the horizon, both at home and...

Full-Flight Ad Optimization - Start with the Best Ad Creative

If creative drives nearly 50% of ad effectiveness, then ensuring you leverage the best possible creative is obviously paramount. In-flight campaign optimization is, of course, fundamental. But if you’re a marketer looking to truly maximize your spend, why wouldn’t you ensure that your ad creative is optimized before it even goes out the door?

Evolution of Cross Media Measurement

Marketers are in need of more comprehensive, privacy-safe cross-media measurement. Increasing efficiency, reducing waste, and understanding effectiveness of media spend will facilitate better media planning, budget allocation and in-flight campaign optimization. Leading advertisers, publishers, and industry bodies are coming together to address this complex challenge. This panel will explore key advertiser use cases and guiding principles needed to serve as a foundation for progress in this...

Trust or Bust

As Keith Weed said earlier this year ‘a brand without trust is just a product, and advertising without trust is just noise’. So, the Advertising Association’s President is coming to AWNewYork to share the UK’s plan to stop the long-term decline in public trust of advertising. The biggest ever ethnographic study of public trust in advertising, conducted by UK advertising think tank Credos, has led to a five-step action plan to rebuild trust..

The Role of Identity In An Evolving Data-Driven World

More than ever, marketers are seeking an omnichannel view of the customer while combating major industry challenges-- impending regulation and uncertainty, the deprecation of third-party cookies, disparate measurement, and heightened walled gardens. Find out the role that identity plays as these industry leaders try to achieve multi-touch attribution in an ever-evolving world.

Laws of Audience Attraction Track Introduction

Audience based buying has increasingly become the preferred media strategy for buyers and planners - and for good reason. Advertisers now have a unified view of consumers, the ability to target across multiple channels, and data to provide more information about their customers than ever before. It’s a win win for media buyers and sellers. But if audience-based advertising is the future of media, how will media organizations manage the siloed construct that exists today? We’ll talk to leaders...

Decoding The Music Experience

A live panel discussion inspired by the new, original podcast series “Decoding the Music Experience” sharing insights, observations and unique perspectives at the intersection of music, audiences and brands. Produced by Advertising Week/AW360 and created by marketing and music industry leaders Kenny Ochoa (previous Warner Bros, Sony, Sanctuary Records), and Joe Belliotti (previous Head of Global Music for The Coca-Cola Company, Brand Asset Group, Maverick). Each episode spotlights ways...

The Next Generation of Data-Driven TV

The line between traditional media channels and more accountable digital channels is finally fading. Marketers have long used correlation rather than causation to measure the impact of TV media investments - totaling over $64 billion in 2018 - but the landscape is rapidly changing. Cross-platform activation and measurement is the next step to proving every dollar performed. The best marketers will be able to prove effectiveness at scale across every channel, including linear TV, addressable...
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