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Innovations Changing Business: Privacy and Personalization in Advertising with Maggie Burke

The line between traditional media channels and more accountable digital channels is finally fading. Marketers have long used correlation rather than causation to measure the impact of TV media investments - totaling over $64 billion in 2018 - but the landscape is rapidly changing. Cross-platform activation and measurement is the next step to proving every dollar performed. The best marketers will be able to prove effectiveness at scale across every channel, including linear TV, addressable TV, streaming services and digital video. This seminar will highlight how to navigate the next generation of TV and measure real-world outcomes.
Justin Evans Global Head of Analytics & Insights
Samsung Ads
Sheila Dang Media and Advertising Reporter
Laura Fitzpatrick VP, National Networks
Daniella Harkins Chief Evangelist, Agencies
Justin Rosen VP Advanced TV Data & Research

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