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Connected TV: Where we’re going & how we’re going to get there

With the stage set for collaboration on Addressable Advertising at scale, now is the time to work together and overcome the remaining hurdles, such as measurement and ratings. In this 50-minute workshop, Comscore will be joined by a panel of industry stakeholders from across the media ecosystem to explore the possibilities of an Addressable future including why Addressable Advertising is necessary, and the best way to position the Addressable evolution from where we are today.
David Algranati Chief Product Officer
Keith Kazerman EVP, Digital Sales, Advanced Advertising and Research
Discovery, Inc.
Dan Rosenfeld VP, Data Strategy
Scott Worthem Senior Vice President, Strategic Partnerships
Claudio Marcus GM, Data Platform
Lauren Johnson Senior Advertising Reporter
Business Insider
Matt Kramer Managing Director, Advanced Advertising

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