In the News with Bill Livek, Comscore

Bill Livek from Comscore is in conversation with our AW2020 host, Bridget McManus sharing an exciting new insight from Comscore. Tune in to hear all about it!

The Post-Pandemic Pivot: Solving for the Challenges of Tomorrow, Today

How much has your daily life changed since January of this year? From the way you work, to the way you shop, to the way you consume media – as the world quickly shifted in 2020, you undoubtedly made adjustments to your daily life to follow suit and keep pace. Media planning is no different.

The Demand for Expertise: How Consumers Will Influence the Future of Media

While so much attention is paid to the many problems around healthcare, almost no one is addressing the huge problem in health information and the devastating impact a lack of access to information can have on people's lives. SurvivorNet launched last year in partnership with creative agency BBH as a revolutionary alternative offering empowering and informative content from more than 200 doctors and researchers from the world’s leading cancer institutions. The site attracted over 2...

Vudu: We Do Better Free TV

At Vudu, we’re doing better free TV, no plus required. Julian Franco, Vudu’s head of AVOD will show off some of the new content coming to Vudu and how we’re delivering a better Free TV experience to advertisers and viewers.

The Future of News Media?

Despite various attempts at global domination of the news by the big platform players, a number of media brands are inventing their own exciting new platforms that allow them to retain complete control of their digital destiny. In this session, Jonny will share data and stories on how news media companies are evolving to ensure their survival in an ever changing media ecosystem.

Make your ad their answer

In an era of one-tap checkout and same-day delivery, we forget that consumer decisions aren’t instant. People are turning to Pinterest to go from dreams to decisions. They want to feel inspired by brands, not interrupted by brands. Together, we can meet people on Pinterest when they’re deciding what to buy. How can your brand leverage visual discovery to take people from “I dreamed it” to “I did it”?

Reaching Audiences in a Fragmented World

No one understands the complexities of dispersed audiences more than media planners + buyers. They’re on the frontlines of identifying, targeting and reaching the right consumers, regardless of platform or screen.

The Addressable Future

With the stage set for collaboration on Addressable Advertising at scale, now is the time to work together and overcome the remaining hurdles, such as measurement and ratings. In this 50-minute workshop, Comscore will be joined by a panel of industry stakeholders from across the media ecosystem to explore the possibilities of an Addressable future including why Addressable Advertising is necessary, and the best way to position the Addressable evolution from where we are today.

Evolution of Cross Media Measurement

Marketers are in need of more comprehensive, privacy-safe cross-media measurement. Increasing efficiency, reducing waste, and understanding effectiveness of media spend will facilitate better media planning, budget allocation and in-flight campaign optimization. Leading advertisers, publishers, and industry bodies are coming together to address this complex challenge. This panel will explore key advertiser use cases and guiding principles needed to serve as a foundation for progress in this...

Are You New Majority Ready™ ?

A New Majority is forming in America. By Census year 2020, ethnically and racially diverse individuals under 18 years old will account for 52% of the population and by year 2045, it is predicted that the U.S. will become a majority-minority nation. While this demographic transformation is fueling the economy, ad dollars committed to this emerging new majority are disproportionately low…

Finally a breakthrough in TV. Target and Disney re-imagine television for advertisers.

Two innovators are collaborating to bring media solutions and accountability to your largest ad spend – TV. It’s time to change the value conversation in our industry. The upside to driving topline growth is far greater than the benefit of driving down media cost. Learn how closed loop measurement and insights on real consumers from Roundel, combined with first-ever Linear TV Optimization from Disney, are blazing a frontier in advertising that has been absent for television...until now.

Building the Next Generation Media Supply Chain

The media supply chain we've created has led to a host of unintended consequences: too many steps between publishers and brands, brands and consumers and a proliferation of businesses that don't add value. MediaMath and partners including Rubicon Project and others are pursuing a shared mission to create an accountable and addressable supply chain through an alliance of agencies, brands, tech companies and publishers. It's designed to help digital marketing perform better in the long term...
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