What's next for Britain's creative industry exporters?

What next for Britain's creative industries? Can they deliver soft power and commercial success in a Covid and Brexit world? Perspectives and practical advice from the UK Advertising Export Group

Building a future of work that works for everyone

Don’t waste the once in a generation opportunity to build a more inclusive, flexible and forward-looking future of work for the creative industries. Having successfully negotiated remote working, in the rush to return to ‘normal’, we risk losing out on the gains of recent months. Space for a diverse range of people is vital to the long-term success and cultural relevance of our industry, so what can we do to build a future of work that gives everyone a seat at the table - whether at...

Advertising in 2030

What will advertising look like in 2030? Will advertising even exist? With far less certainty into how brands will communicate with their consumers moving forward, and our industry being more reactive as a result, Essence embarked on an extensive global study to find out what the next decade of our ecosystem will look like. In this session, Tim Irwin, Essence’s CEO, EMEA and Ali Reed, Managing Director, UK will reveal the results from our ambitious forward look and discuss what influence...

Dig the New Breed- in conversation with The Week Junior

Dennis' head of research Seema Hope will host a wide ranging and exciting discussion with Anna Bassi (Editor-In-Chief of the Week Junior) about how kids now have more influence on family and parents lives than ever before; They'll discuss lifestyle and purchasing decisions, how the family dynamic has developed during the pandemic and also look at some 'hot topics' such as the environment and diversity.

How has the US CTV landscape evolved in the shadow of COVID-19?

Video advertising platform, Unruly, surveyed 1,800+ US consumers in July 2020 to investigate consumer attitudes and consumption habits around connected TV (CTV) during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through our survey, we have found that the US consumers’ pivot to CTV is an opportunity for brands to reach audiences at scale in a highly targeted, personalized way that has, until now, not been possible. Join Unruly’s VP of Insights & Solutions, US, Terence Scroope, to learn more about our key...

Navigating Through a Pandemic: Every Brand has a Story

The marketing and advertising industries have their finger on the pulse is happening in our culture. The onset of a global pandemic changed the needs, habits, and behaviors of consumers practically overnight. In addition to the abrupt changes of day-to-day reality regarding health concerns and new societal norms, all lines of business were forced to reassess plans for 2020 as ad spends and strategies were pulled back (or bulked up) and tonality was retooled.

CX in COVID-19

COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact on CX touchpoints such as call center staff working from home and social distancing tactics. How are companies and customers adapting? With lines and delays, how were companies able to overcome customer frustration? When owned channels, using face to face touchpoints are normally those that most significantly drive key metrics, like NPS, trust and consideration, what is happening to brand equity? What does the future hold for CX as a result?

The ESPN Brand in the Age of COVID-19

Shortly after turning 40 years old ESPN understood that fandom had evolved a lot since 1979 in terms of media, culture and fan identity. Connecting with fans on a more emotional level was key. Learn how the airing of "The Last Dance," in conjunction with the campaign, "There's No Place Like Sports, "enabled ESPN to grow their audience and deepen customer experience through storytelling and trust.


How has the creator economy been impacted by the global pandemic, Rojas leads a conversation with a top tier creator about the state of the world and how it's shifted content creation, branded partnerships, and collaboration.

Leading A Modern Media Company

Leading a modern media company: The Information’s Jessica Toonkel in conversation with Vox Media’s CEO Jim Bankoff Audiences are craving new and diverse content, and are consuming it in a myriad of ways, all while the world around us is changing rapidly: through a pandemic, racial justice protests, and a presidential election that will forever change the way that we think, how we behave, and how we engage with storytelling.

FOX News Media: News in the COVID Era

If marketers thought the news cycle was non-stop before now, 2020 accelerated quickly with diverse and multi-dimensional stories spanning the global pandemic, business, jobs and the economy, social equity and the Presidential election. In this module, you’ll hear from Jeff Collins, EVP of Advertising Sales, as well as FOX News Channel and FOX Business journalists, anchors and hosts who share their experiences in the year everything changed.

The Post-Pandemic Pivot: Solving for the Challenges of Tomorrow, Today

How much has your daily life changed since January of this year? From the way you work, to the way you shop, to the way you consume media – as the world quickly shifted in 2020, you undoubtedly made adjustments to your daily life to follow suit and keep pace. Media planning is no different.
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