Great Minds Conversation: David Fischer

Facebook’s global Chief Revenue Officer David Fischer, sits at the epicenter of impact deploying tools and tactics to empower entrepreneurs and small business whose recovery is critical to the global economy. In this special edition Great Minds conversation, we’ll touch on how COVID-19 is impacting businesses large and small and look at the rapidly evolving Silicon Valley landscape.

Great Minds Chairman's Desk with Michael Roth

In this session, Interpublic Group Chairman & CEO Michael Roth chats with MilkPEP CEO Yin Woon Rani to discuss her role, the milk category’s growth amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, remote working, diversity and inclusion and the successful re-introduction of the iconic got milk? campaign.

Climate change and the Advertising Industry

The world is consumed with tackling the Covid crisis. The Climate crisis is on hold. Should it be? Do we in advertising have a responsibility re-ignite awareness? As Covid restrictions are eased, it’s time to discuss how both live alongside each other and whether they need to share the stage in equal measure. Hosted by IPA, and chaired by Dominic Mills, who is himself undecided, the session will review the actions that have been taken in adland so far on the climate crisis, and...

The Future of Small Businesses

The last few months have been difficult for SMBs that play a critical role in our communities and economy. As the world re-emerges from COVID-19 restrictions, we want to support entrepreneurship and help small businesses get safely back to business. We’ll dive into the story of entrepreneur, Benji Valentina to hear how Covid-19 has impacted her business and the resilience she has to keep moving forward.

Fireside chat: The Modern Full-Service Agency

Tech-driven marketing is undergoing a period of reflection and refinement. What is a fully modern, full-service agency? Today brands and agencies need solutions to help them thrive during the Covid-19 pandemic. Marketing leaders must take a hard look at their systems and determine where costs are leaking in order to deliver on KPIs. Brands are counting on their agencies to integrate the lessons of the past 12 years into their plans and correct the inefficiencies of their expanding tech stacks.

How to Launch a Brand Platform in Unprecedented Times

Join AIG Life and Retirement’s Chief Marketing Officer Betsy Palmer and Huge’s Global Chief Creative Officer Jason Musante as they discuss the creation of AIG Life & Retirement’s first-ever brand platform, “We See the Future in You”. This fireside chat provides a firsthand look into how a leading financial services company and a trailblazing agency tossed convention aside amidst COVID-19 and quickly pivoted to launch the groundbreaking, emotion-evoking brand platform.

Protect Your Assets: Post-Cookie Identity Solutions

Now, more than ever, every dollar you invest in your content or ads has to work harder. New privacy regulations are shifting strategies, cookies and other identifiers are being sunsetted, and the pandemic is disrupting everything. What is a publisher or advertiser to do to ensure they are still able to reach audiences accurately and efficiently?

Night School: What's Next for Restaurants?

The pandemic has decimated the restaurant industry, exposing its fault lines and deep inequities. How can the industry evolve to be more equitable? What can consumers do to support businesses that are purpose-built and fit for the future?   Eater EIC Amanda Kludt in conversation with Erin DeJesus, lead editor of on what we've learned while reporting on the pandemic and then with Francesca Chaney, an Eater Young Gun, and small business owner, on how restaurants can be better...

Leading with Purpose: A fireside chat with Alex Mahon, CEO, Channel 4

In 2020, television has brought communities together and kept the nation informed as we have faced the greatest challenges of our lifetime. As CEO of Channel 4, Alex Mahon has not only led Channel 4’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic but also spearheaded Channel 4’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. In this fireside chat, Alex will discuss Channel 4’s response to Covid-19, their broader commitment to anti-racism, disability inclusion and the importance of having a clear personal...

Into the Unknown: The Frontier CMO

Today’s CMOs find themselves at a crucial juncture for the journey of their brands. The short-term, direct impacts of COVID-19 are now well understood and documented. Digital transformation has accelerated within brands and a rapid shift to ecommerce, virtual working and home-learning have all been witnessed in the first half of 2020. Less well understood, though, are the longer-term impacts of the pandemic on society. Join Dentsu Aegis Network for a sneak preview of the 2020...

What's next for Britain's creative industry exporters?

What next for Britain's creative industries? Can they deliver soft power and commercial success in a Covid and Brexit world? Perspectives and practical advice from the UK Advertising Export Group

Building a future of work that works for everyone

Don’t waste the once in a generation opportunity to build a more inclusive, flexible and forward-looking future of work for the creative industries. Having successfully negotiated remote working, in the rush to return to ‘normal’, we risk losing out on the gains of recent months. Space for a diverse range of people is vital to the long-term success and cultural relevance of our industry, so what can we do to build a future of work that gives everyone a seat at the table - whether at...
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