Navigating the Pandemic and Civil Rights: Taking an inside look

As the pandemic remains at the forefront of our lives, and a reignited civil rights movement marches on, new and evolving elements are being incorporated to how we conduct business – within our organizations and with our partners. From diversity & inclusion, consultative conversations, to adjusting tone + creative message appropriately, flexibility in TV advertising has never been more critical. While no one has the perfect answer, this session will involve a candid conversation on...

Retool You for Freelancers with Liberty Hive

Flexible working is not just a theme of lockdown, it’s here to stay. With changing work patterns & uncertainty in the job market, the opportunity to work freelance-when you want, how you want-has never been greater. Liberty Hive is a new tech-led talent business with an ambition to drive quicker, quality connections between freelance consultants & media businesses. If you’re at all interested in freelancing, join Liberty Hive founders at this interactive session with invaluable advice from...

Reset You: Building your Resilience at Work

As we create a new work office / work home / life balance...the events of 2020 have changed how we do business for good, it’s given us new ways of working to adapt to and accelerated the need for better workplace wellbeing. Now is the time to build your own resilience, as we return to a new working pattern, be it in the office, at home, returning from furlough or a mixture of all three. This workshop will provide you with the vocabulary to have 'mental health conversations' with...

Putting Purpose to the Test

When the pandemic hit and businesses closed, eBay's 25-year purpose - to empower economic opportunity - became the springboard for its most vital campaign ever. Within weeks the company launched a marketing initiative in support of brands and business everywhere. This fireside chat will take a firsthand look at how the e-commerce giant channeled 'purpose' to rapidly respond to the market with creativity, relevancy and authenticity, and why alignment between purpose and opportunity is a...

Conversion In a World of COVID

We can’t be sure how the pandemic will evolve. Some people talk about the first and second waves. Some health organizations say it will be a long wave and for others, like Harvard, COVID19 will have many waves in the upcoming years. With that in mind, Online Shopping, Omni-channel integrations, and Digital Experiences, in general, need to evolve at speed to better listen and learn from customers changing habits. How can digital transformations and technologies like AI enhance brand...

Podcasting: Your Alternative - and More Welcoming - News Source

With unique storytelling strategies and intimate interviews, podcasting has the power to humanize the often tragic headlines splashed across traditional media. Acast's Senior Content Manager, Tim Ruggeri, will lead an exceptional group of creators in a discussion of how audio has become an entry point for today’s most critical issues, including BLM, COVID, and the upcoming election. Featuring Chef Marcus Samuellson, Rapper/Reggae Artist Timbuktu, DCP Entertainment CEO Chris Colbert, and Acast...

Reskilling for the Future

The COVID-19 pandemic has showed us how crucial social media marketing skills have become and as more businesses make the pivot from offline to online, they have become critical for job seekers. Join Judy Toland, Facebook’s, Vice President, Head of Scaled Solutions and Kim Caldbeck, Coursera's Chief Marketing Officer for a conversation on how marketing education can resolve this barrier and provide a pathway to employment.


How has the creator economy been impacted by the global pandemic, Rojas leads a conversation with a top tier creator about the state of the world and how it's shifted content creation, branded partnerships, and collaboration.

Leading A Modern Media Company

Leading a modern media company: The Information’s Jessica Toonkel in conversation with Vox Media’s CEO Jim Bankoff Audiences are craving new and diverse content, and are consuming it in a myriad of ways, all while the world around us is changing rapidly: through a pandemic, racial justice protests, and a presidential election that will forever change the way that we think, how we behave, and how we engage with storytelling.

FOX News Media: News in the COVID Era

If marketers thought the news cycle was non-stop before now, 2020 accelerated quickly with diverse and multi-dimensional stories spanning the global pandemic, business, jobs and the economy, social equity and the Presidential election. In this module, you’ll hear from Jeff Collins, EVP of Advertising Sales, as well as FOX News Channel and FOX Business journalists, anchors and hosts who share their experiences in the year everything changed.

The Post-Pandemic Pivot: Solving for the Challenges of Tomorrow, Today

How much has your daily life changed since January of this year? From the way you work, to the way you shop, to the way you consume media – as the world quickly shifted in 2020, you undoubtedly made adjustments to your daily life to follow suit and keep pace. Media planning is no different.
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