The Innovation Driving The Future of Mobility

Some of the businesses most impacted by the 2020 pandemic are those that keep the population in motion. When sheltering in place became more essential than getting to a destination on time, companies like Uber had to reimagine the relationship they had with their customers. From advertising that thanked people for “not riding with us right now”, to accelerating the food delivery business so people hunkered down could enjoy something as normal as their favorite take-out meals, Uber has...

When Innovation Becomes Urgent: How Experimenting Can Help Businesses Survive and Thrive

2020 has been a year like no other, and it feels as though there has been more rapid business transformation. There has been a sense of urgency precipitated by the pandemic – customers are demanding change and business leaders have been championing new products and processes. As we look to a post-COVID future, how do we sustain a sense of urgency for innovation? How can we improve our ability to innovate? In this session Sam Sterling, Chief Strategy Officer for AKQA APAC is joined by Jim...

The New Human Condition: Life In 2020, A Shock to the System

As the first wave of COVID-19 began to spread, it became clear that the pandemic would alter our way of life, profoundly. Anticipating this, in early April 2020, Known dispatched its team of Ph.D. data scientists and research teams to explore how American experiences and perceptions were changing dramatically, in real time. The result? The first wave of one of the largest and most ambitious ongoing longitudinal studies of its kind, with qualitative and quantitative insights, as well as...

Commerce’s Roaring 20s

The impact of upcoming 5G everywhere, newly changed consumer behavior thanks to COVID-19, and the looming generational shift thanks to Generation Z, will make the commerce in the 2010s look more like the 1920s than the 21st century. Thanks to internet that is ubiquitous, cheap, and available everywhere, people will no longer “go shopping”, but rather will always be shopping. ​

AWMoms Table Talk Series: Global Perspectives

AWMoms Global Table Talk Working Moms are today’s front-line warriors balancing responsibilities at home and at work. They stare down unique challenges on a daily basis and for Moms looking t re-enter the workplace, COVID-19 has made a hard job even more difficult. Advertising Week and Facebook are partnering to expand AWMoms, a year-round initiative to provide working Moms and returners alike a special Community where they can come together to learn, share experiences, network and more to...

2020 Vision: Vevo's Kevin McGurn

As the industry comes together to set the new global agenda for the future of advertising, what’s next, how are businesses responding to new challenges and what advice do industry leaders have to reset, reimagine and rebuild for success? Join Kevin McGurn from Vevo for some exclusive insights, trends and ideas!

Culture 3.0: Keep Culture Going in the COVID-19 Era

Horizon Media Founder Bill Koenigsberg has elevated the companies long held “Business is personal” philosophy to new heights during the pandemic. An inside look at how a Founder & CEO re-invented how Horizon keeps and nurtures culture in 2020.

Digital Connections & Loneliness in the Age of Quarantine

This panel will share results from a new global research study examining consumer mindsets around digital connections, social isolation and mental health across generations and demographics. We’ll examine the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on social exclusion and feelings of loneliness and highlight changing consumer needs and perspectives and that major consequences these findings have for marketers, brands and foundations.

The Shifting Sports & Media Dynamic - How Advertisers Can Play to Win

The pandemic has upended nearly every industry, changing the way we behave and interact with brands. Sports and digital content are among those seeing the most drastic changes and there lies a tremendous opportunity for advertisers. Enter immersive content and connection, empowering consumers to connect with the people, teams and brands they love. Join Verizon Media CEO Guru Gowrappan and two-time NFL Super Bowl champ Eli Manning for a discussion on the shift in sports, media and the...

A More Human Future of Organizations

Organizational change is an uphill battle. It requires focus, dedication, and a keen understanding of how to implement successful change. And in this unprecedented moment, all organizations share an equal opportunity to build a better, more human future. It’s not talking about returning to normal. The task at hand is to build an entirely new system—something built from the ground up, that’s more open, that’s more focused on adaptation and learning from its foundation. To navigate...

AW2020 Investor Forecast

From a content vantage point, we are looking to do a deep dive on the current economic climate with a focused eye on the road to recovery. Where are the opportunities, hidden and not-so-hidden? Clearly certain sectors have been particularly hard hit, others less so and as some businesses and sectors are compromised or disappear completely, others are emerging. Across the board we are seeing acceleration on the pace of technology-driven change and incredible stories of innovation and...

TV’s Greatest Power Play is Cross-Platform Measurement

This challenging year has unlocked some of the greatest opportunities for the TV advertising ecosystem. COVID-19 has accelerated the need for cross-platform measurement and put a new focus on the need to meet consumers where they are. The multi-screen, cross-platform universe has brought the TV industry together and established a greater need for collaboration around identity, authenticated audiences, addressability, and attribution. Becoming audience-obsessed and measurement-focused is...
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