ANDY Awards Present Redefining Bravery

Bravery is only bravery when the stakes are high. In this session you’ll hear from creative leaders who didn’t just nearly lose an account, but everything. How do moments of high stakes bravery (which 2020 is not short of!) teach us to brave in our careers? The Redefining Bravery series highlights shared experiences through personal storytelling. The series allow a peek into the minds and experiences’ of the industry’s most respected creatives and marketers through a common thread: bravery.

The power of TV advertising: a case study from UKTV

TV advertising delivers unrivalled scale and is the most trusted form of advertising. In this session, UKTV’s airtime-for-equity director outlines how effective TV advertising is in building a brand and scaling a business. She’ll explain why UKTV is investing in start-ups, what airtime-for-equity is, and how it is benefiting new brands. She'll also be sharing how one start-up experienced those benefits first hand after launching a £1m ad campaign on UKTV’s seven channels.

Nurturing creativity during a pandemic

As the pandemic has forced advertising agencies to work from home, how has the industry found inspiration amidst a world in strife, utilised in-house production to create work and nurtured culture to keep employee spirits up? Learn from the creative heads at Goodby Silverstein & Partners, Deutsch and McCann how they’ve survived (and even thrived) under quarantine.

Measuring gut feel

We don’t believe it’s art vs science, it’s art + science. Neuroscience can enhance our creative output, not limit it. By understanding how the mind works, we gain insight into what makes people laugh, what makes them cry, what connects with people and how they remember. Through neuroscience we lift the lid on creativity, opening-up a world of possibilities to create Unusual Everyday ideas. Good creative is all about gut feel, neuroscience just measures that.

Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World: Mind & Body

As the country continues to experience unrest due to the pandemic, working women are struggling to balance their full-time career, family and personal wellbeing. Juggling these responsibilities while maintaining mental and physical health is overwhelming even pre-pandemic, and now it is practically impossible. The pandemic has also led to a more stagnant lifestyle for many. Working women now spend more time sitting in their homes for most of the day with no commute, and with blurred lines...

Creating Content for The Snapchat Generation: A Conversation with MK Asante

Join Peter Naylor, Snapchat’s VP of Sales Americas and MK Asante in an intimate conversation about world-changing storytelling. MK is a best-selling author, award-winning filmmaker, recording artist and the Host and Executive Producer of two original exclusive Shows on Snapchat covering topics like mental health and racial injustice: While Black with MK Asante and Free Tuition with MK Asante.

Understanding the Value of Public Conversation on Twitter

More than any other social platform, people come to Twitter to start, read and join conversations about what's happening - and these conversations can have different shapes with millions of participants. This MasterClass will explore the importance of conversation for brands on Twitter that can help brands better understand the holistic impact of brand conversation on Twitter.

The Conversation: Today & Tomorrow in Ten Tweets

The opportunity we have right now to challenge the status quo and build a better future doesn't come around often. When history is written, how do you want your brand to be remembered? In this session, we will present an analysis of Twitter conversation data that uncovers several behaviors & need states that have accelerated or emerged during lockdown, and ask brands what they will do with this opportunity.

Demand More Via Next-Gen Multi-Platform Measurement

The pandemic has only further accelerated the consumer migration en masse to digital platforms and swift adoption of digital content consumption. As people increasingly live their lives in digital environments -- consuming, transacting, organizing and socializing in digital spaces — it's imperative that we as an industry meet the moment. Scalable infrastructure, standards and transparency are tantamount to enabling advertisers to deliver timely campaigns that optimize for brand suitability,...

Fresh for Everyone: Kroger’s Recipe for Brands to Win the Digital Aisle

“Is 2020 over yet?” 2020 was a disruption like we haven’t seen in a generation. Routine tasks - like weekday lunches or getting dinner on the table – have suddenly become more complicated and CPG brands have pivoted to help consumers solve everyday problems. Consumers are cooking more often, trying new recipes, making fewer/bigger trips to the grocery store, looking for value, and engaging ecommerce platforms at a higher rate than ever. Successful brands know the impact of ecommerce...

Adjust + Reddit: Adopting a Mobile-First Approach to Boost Brand Loyalty

As the mobile advertising industry hits an inflection point, it’s more important than ever to boost brand loyalty. In this session, global app marketing platform Adjust, together with Reddit, will host a lively discussion on mobile-first strategies — fueled by data rich mobile attribution. Take a deep dive into the role data-driven decisions play in igniting brand awareness, propelling growth, and increasing loyalty and engagement.

Inspiring and Uplifting The Next Generation of Artists with JaQuel Knight

As one of the most innovative creative directors & choreographers, JaQuel Knight has architected the images of music’s brightest stars while creating opportunity for other artists. When the pandemic halted the careers of so many artists, JaQuel stepped up to launch the JaQuel Knight Foundation, targeting community focused initiatives to build up and inspire artists on a global scale. Hear about the journey that lead JaQuel to this moment in his career and learn ways to uplift the next...
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