National Geographic: Delivering purpose driven storytelling

It is well documented that consumers are increasingly buying into brands that stand for more than just profit gains and that brands with an authentic, well communicated purpose consistently outperform others. The rise in ‘belief buying’ is a real consumer trend as is the expectation that brands have the opportunity to be a real force for good in the world. Clearly communicating your company’s efforts is more important than ever. In this session, National Geographic shares insights from the...

Marketers Who Lead: Unilever

Rob Master, global vice president of media, categories and partnerships talks about the acceleration of change that 2020 brought to Unilever. Hear how the internal brands adapted to the times as well as the global brand adjusted for long term trends.

Comedian Ilana Glazer is Disrupting Politics

Join comedian Ilana Glazer and TBWA North America Chief Diversity Officer Doug Melville as they talk politics, in a truly disruptive way. Generator was founded in 2016 by Ilana Glazer and Glennis Meagher to gather and talk about politics without feeling foolish. Humanizing policy through people-powered stories on Instagram, it lowers the barrier of entry to using one’s platform to entering the conversation. Generator defines Minimal Civic Engagement and invite Gen Z and Millennials to...

Rebuilding Brand You

2020 has been a year of uncertainty and change, with that our lives have had to adjust and adapt and will continue to do so. Furlough, home-working, redundancies and balancing the day job with caring responsibilities has been the reality for most of us this year. But as things move forward, how do we continue to flourish in our careers and stand our from the crowd?

Reimagine You: Grow like a Badass Unicorn

Badass Unicorn sparks the life-changing idea that individuals have the power to reimagine their potential just like the world’s most revered companies. In this 90-min interactive and practical workshop, you’ll learn how to rework the growth strategies of the world’s most inspiring businesses to turbo-charge your personal growth. This session is a whistle-stop self-awareness and self-empowerment tour where you’ll reconnect with the most important ingredient for personal and...

The Science Behind Viral

Humans are complex and mysterious creatures. Why do they act the way they do? Which factors impact their behaviour? For marketers to be able to make the right decisions and uncover the reasons behind consumer behaviour, behavioural science data is vital. Once this input has been collected, the question is: how do we tap into relevant research and steer the consumer into the direction we want them to go? Oscar Hamming, founder & managing director of The Odd Shop, has always been fascinated...

Sir Martin Sorrell and Victor Knaap in conversation

Faster, better, cheaper - why it’s resonating with both clients and talent. What are the trends that make a new era/new age advertising and marketing services business model so essential? Why this decade will see very different agencies and consultancies in comparison to the first two decades of the new millennium.

Six Superfast tips for pace setting leaders

In a world that has been moving superfast across the last decade, 2020 has proven more challenging than we could have ever anticipated. Leaders have had a dramatically challenging year for setting the right pace for their business, for their teams and for their communications.

The Storytelling Experience

How can brands and marketers use events and live experiences to tell their brand story? Our speakers reveal the storytelling techniques that they use to elevate events and installations to become experiences. Then we investigate the effect the pandemic had on plans for experiences, and how brands adapted. What have we learned, and what are the models that will work in the future?

Unlocking Brand Loyalty through Community & Belonging

With 430M monthly users, 130,000+ active communities, and a user base growing at a rate of 30% YoY, Reddit represents untapped potential for brands looking to connect deeply with passionate and highly engaged consumers they can’t find elsewhere. In this session, Reddit COO Jen Wong and OMD UK Chief Planning Officer, Vicky Fox will discuss how and why consumer behaviour online is changing, the inherent trust consumers place in digital communities, and the incredible opportunity it presents for...

From ‘Me’ to ‘We' - Why Online Communities are on the Rise

Consumer behaviour online is changing. Confronted with a fractured social media landscape, saturation with new technology, and a rapid decline in real-world interactions, UK consumers are increasingly looking for more authentic connections and community online. In this session, join Reddit Global Head of Marketing Sciences, Jack Koch, for a look into the trend towards the collective, the untapped potential of online communities, and the benefit to the brands that are able to ‘get it right.’

Changing patterns, changing future

New research shows that attitudes to news and journalism have shifted over the last 6 months. It has become more important than ever for the public to arm themselves with accurate, reliable information. Despite this advertisers are inadvertently harming themselves by shying away from it which in turn is threatening the ad-funded model for quality journalism. How can publishers, brands and vendors turn the tide on this trend by reassessing their approaches to brand safety, keyword blocking...
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