The great reboot: the magic of the middle funnel

The competition is fierce as brands have less channels to reach potential customers as people are staying home and spending more time online. With more than 400 million people coming to Pinterest to plan and shop, we’re launching new tools to make it easier for brands to move people from inspiration to purchase. Learn about these product innovations and hear from leading retail brands on how they’ve found success in converting browsers into buyers.

NIGHT SCHOOL: Your Customers Are Streaming and your ads can be too

Streaming TV viewing is increasing, and the number of consumers who choose streaming as their primary source of television is increasing too. Today, 90% of all 13-54-year-olds watch TV on a streaming platform. That’s an entire generation of consumers who most actively engage with their favorite TV show and movies — and their favorite brands — in a streaming environment. At Hulu, we believe that all types of businesses, whether small, medium or large, should have an opportunity to reach that...

How to speak to millennials about politics and the upcoming election

Founded in 2011, Betches Media is a female-founded media company that produces original content and provides a place for women to connect, relate, escape, laugh out loud, and make sense of the world around them. The Betches Sup is a news and politics community of Betches Media, created to amplify issues important to our audience of largely millennial women.

Winning With Emotion: How To Become Your Customers’ First Choice

What factors influence the decisions of business-to-business buyers? How important is emotion in driving buyer behaviour? In the race for the finishing line, what truly makes the difference between bringing home gold and falling at the last hurdle? To evaluate the influence of emotions in B2B decision-making, we conducted a global survey of business leaders to find out what makes them tick. This presentation and workshop from B2B International will enable marketers and advertisers to build...

Reimagining Retail for a Post-Covid Era

The retail landscape – like the wider world – has been upended by the pandemic. Consumers are demanding more meaning from their shopping experience and brand interactions, while community has never been more important. Reimagining Retail for a Post-Covid Era is your chance to get a glimpse at the future of retail. To hear about and understand the disruptive forces at play, to be inspired by how surprising brands are navigating the turbulence, and to learn about the emerging opportunities...

Quantcast: Audience Insights that Power Marketing Strategy

Are you struggling to expand your customer base and find new audiences? How are you getting the most up-to-date insights to keep up with rapidly shifting consumer behavior? Join Dr. Peter Day, Chief Technology Officer at Quantcast, as he explores how you can harness the power of audience behavior to get a live view of your own current and prospective customers. This will include a live demo of Quantcast’s behavior graph and Audience Planner for planning & activation. TAKEAWAY: * Machine...

The Decline of the American Brand in Europe

We surveyed 5,000 adults in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom, and found that the U.S. ranks among the worst of any country or region when it came to perceptions of how it is handling the pandemic. Not only do 40% or more of adults in each market (including 49% of Germans) believe American companies are not doing enough in response to the coronavirus, they've become notably more pessimistic of American brands too. We explore how this translates into Europeans' purchasing...

How to build a future for your brand

Over the past year and a half, Zoopla has been on a mission to overhaul its brand from inside out. From hermit crabs moving house to its new positioning ‘We know what a home is really worth’, Zoopla has learnt to play on its’ strength and also tap into the emotional value of home hunting. But evolving brand proposition is just one part of the puzzle to becoming the preferred site for consumers in a competitive and changing housing market. Gary Bramall, CMO at Zoopla will explain how...

The Most Dramatic (Season) Campaign Ever by Betches & SkinnyPop

Founded in 2011, Betches Media is a female-founded media company that produces original and branded content and provides a place for women to connect, relate, escape, laugh out loud, and make sense of the world around them. Betches works with a variety of both new and established brands who want access to their audience of highly-engaged and self-aware millennials by way of 360 creative content campaigns. Brands trying to attract millennials? Groundbreaking.

Cocktails & Conversation with Colman Domingo, Kim Kelleher and Sue Jones

A special Advertising Week edition of AMC’s “Bottomless Brunch at Colman’s” featuring Colman Domingo (“Fear the Walking Dead”), Kim Kelleher, President, Commercial Revenue & Partnerships at AMC Networks, and Sue Jones, Vice President of Media and Productivity at Diageo, as they mix a specialty cocktail and talk about creative partnerships in the time of COVID-19.

The Psychological Approach to Inclusive Marketing Research Masterclass

Learn first-hand from Microsoft Advertising’s Senior Market Intelligence Researcher, Kelli Kemery in how she designed a groundbreaking study using psychology and overcame hurdles to pave the way to inclusive advertising insights.

"I Want My CTV”: How To Win The Fall Season With Vevo

In a fall season like never before, entertainment pillars that were once guaranteed, such a Live Sports, News and Scripted programming, are now facing a different reality. However, there remains a constant: brand marketers still need to reach and engage with audiences where and how they are consuming content. CTV engagement is surging, so too is the consumption of premium music video.
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