In conversation with Halle Berry, Kendra Bracken-Ferguson and Quynh Mai

Join these two fierce trailblazers as they discuss the launch of their health and wellness brand, rē•spin — an inclusive platform created to provide inspiration, resources and products to support your individual health and wellness journey. Halle opens up about her personal health journey and describes how that inspired her latest entrepreneurial project. Kendra explains why she decided to launch in the midst of a pandemic and how she challenges wellness as being a luxury for the elite. They...

The Power of Culture: A Conversation with UWG’s Monique Nelson and Marlon Wayans

A multi-hyphenated Hollywood powerhouse, Marlon Wayans is an actor, comedian, screenwriter, producer whose work lives in the space between critical acclaim, cult status and commercial success. A member of the prodigious Wayans Family, Marlon’s work features stories from a Black perspective highlighting cultural nuance and insights that not only speak directly to Black audiences but extend to the mainstream. With forthcoming high profile projects On The Rocks directed by Sofia Coppola and...

In the News with Aaron Kwittken, PRophet

Aaron Kwittken, founder and CEO of PRophet, an AI-driven PR SaaS platform backed by MDC Ventures, sits down with our host to discuss the most important issues of the day.

Deep Dive with Amber Chenevert

A Deep Dive Q&A with Amber Chenevert, Group Director of Strategy and Marketplace Diversity at VMLY&R.

How Agencies Can Recruit and Retain More Diverse Talent

Insights from 4 years of research told by the students, graduates, and leading talent in agencies about how to create diverse cultures that thrive.

Kevin Smith: Ahead of the Curve

Kevin Smith has always been ahead of the curve. Whether it’s the unique method in which he distributed his most recent film; the podcasting network that he has built over 12 years; his View Askewniverse themed pop-up experiences; or the recent launch of a marijuana brand - he has consistently played by his own rules. In this conversation, Kevin will speak about how he has cracked the code and has been able to successfully make a living off of unapologetically being himself.

AW2020 Tech Investor Forecast

The spirit and heartbeat of tech driven innovation and start-ups continues to advance. We ask an expert panel to tell us how innovators are adapting to the times. The group will discuss tech trends that have emerged in the last six months and whether these are here to stay. With the election coming up and the potential of a vaccine on the horizon, how do these variables impact investing and planning now? Beyond health and politics, what should sharp business people keep an eye on as we head...

True Cross-Platform Campaign Attribution

As the market continues to lean into outcome based advertising and buyers continue to ask for deeper insight into audience behavior to understand if their ads are delivering results, the industry needs a true, holistic cross- platform attribution solution. Join Disney, Hulu and Samba TV as they explore how they’re working together to enable full campaign attribution for advertisers across all platforms including linear, streaming and digital.

End Your Marketing Reliance on Facebook & Google's Duopoly

Google and Facebook account for much of consumer time online... But they are not the only gatekeepers of attention and influence, nor can marketers who spend 90%+ of their budgets and energy on these two sources alone expect to build resiliency, diversity of traffic, or competitive advantage. High costs of traffic, high competition and low ROI are the hallmarks of efforts poured into these behemoths. By expanding your marketing to sources like content, broader social, email, in-product...

The Innovation Driving The Future of Mobility

Some of the businesses most impacted by the 2020 pandemic are those that keep the population in motion. When sheltering in place became more essential than getting to a destination on time, companies like Uber had to reimagine the relationship they had with their customers. From advertising that thanked people for “not riding with us right now”, to accelerating the food delivery business so people hunkered down could enjoy something as normal as their favorite take-out meals, Uber has...

When Innovation Becomes Urgent: How Experimenting Can Help Businesses Survive and Thrive

2020 has been a year like no other, and it feels as though there has been more rapid business transformation. There has been a sense of urgency precipitated by the pandemic – customers are demanding change and business leaders have been championing new products and processes. As we look to a post-COVID future, how do we sustain a sense of urgency for innovation? How can we improve our ability to innovate? In this session Sam Sterling, Chief Strategy Officer for AKQA APAC is joined by Jim...
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