Culture 3.0: Keep Culture Going in the COVID-19 Era

Horizon Media Founder Bill Koenigsberg has elevated the companies long held “Business is personal” philosophy to new heights during the pandemic. An inside look at how a Founder & CEO re-invented how Horizon keeps and nurtures culture in 2020.

Wtf is Triller?

Triller, a leading social streaming platform and hot bed for cultural trends and movements, brings creators and artists the opportunity to monetize their creativity and engage with fans in ways like never before. As marketers and advertisers look to develop strategies and programs that celebrate the diversity of their audiences, Triller continues to find explosive ways to connect brands with consumers. Join Bonin Bough, Chief Growth Officer, and Justine Watkins, Chief Brand Officer of Triller...

Reinventing Brand Categories with Bonin Bough, Chief Growth Officer at Triller & Todd Kaplan, VP Marketing at Pepsi

Many of the most successful brands have undergone transformations to reinvent themselves to continue to create culture defining moments. Join Todd Kaplan of Pepsi and Bonin Bough of Triller to learn more about how these two brands have been at the forefront of culture bringing together music, creativity and technology while maintaining explosive growth.

Digital Connections & Loneliness in the Age of Quarantine

This panel will share results from a new global research study examining consumer mindsets around digital connections, social isolation and mental health across generations and demographics. We’ll examine the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on social exclusion and feelings of loneliness and highlight changing consumer needs and perspectives and that major consequences these findings have for marketers, brands and foundations.

Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World: Career

As the country continues to experience unrest due to the pandemic, working women are struggling to balance their full-time career, family and personal wellbeing. Juggling these responsibilities while maintaining mental and physical health is overwhelming even pre-pandemic, and now it is practically impossible. Now that many jobs are virtual, networking and advancing one’s career has become increasingly difficult. The pressure to succeed matched with possibly home-schooling children and...

Planting a New Narrative

Reframing the story of an expanding market to create cultural change at scale

Expert Analysis with Sharon Harris, Jellyfish

Hear from an expert as our AW2020 host Bridget McManus walks us through this expert analysis segment. She’ll be talking to Sharon Harris from Jellyfish to hear their take on the biggest issues facing our industry and society.

Great Minds Conversation: Jennifer Garner & John Foraker

Headquartered in Berkeley, California, Once Upon a Farm was founded by Jennifer Garner and John Foraker with a dream of providing yummy and nutritious “farm-to-family” food to children of all ages. The two will be joined in conversation by Executive Vice Chairman of the NYSE, Betty Liu to discuss their mission to pass on a healthier and happier world to the next generation; and the behind the scenes work that they are putting in to make that vision a reality.

The Shifting Sports & Media Dynamic - How Advertisers Can Play to Win

The pandemic has upended nearly every industry, changing the way we behave and interact with brands. Sports and digital content are among those seeing the most drastic changes and there lies a tremendous opportunity for advertisers. Enter immersive content and connection, empowering consumers to connect with the people, teams and brands they love. Join Verizon Media CEO Guru Gowrappan and two-time NFL Super Bowl champ Eli Manning for a discussion on the shift in sports, media and the...

Mass Appeal: The Future of Entertainment

Six years ago, Peter Bittenbender joined forces with rapper Nas to create a media company that felt like the future. Built on the heritage of New York magazine brand Mass Appeal, the company grew out of its niche media origins into one of the most interesting entertainment companies of today. Now comprising an original content division, a music label led by Nas and a division that works directly with brands, the business is using its unique perspective on Black and hip hop culture to tell...

US Digital Ad Spending: Top Trends Driving Growth And Ad Spending

US Digital Ad Spending: Top Trends Driving Growth And Ad Spending In this info-packed, data-driven session, eMarketer principal analyst Nicole Perrin shares the firm's latest US ad spending forecast and explores the factors influencing spend across channels, formats and devices through 2021 and beyond. You’ll learn: * How much US advertisers are investing in digital advertising, including on Google, Facebook and Amazon * How macroeconomic challenges and pandemic-related shifts in...

A More Human Future of Organizations

Organizational change is an uphill battle. It requires focus, dedication, and a keen understanding of how to implement successful change. And in this unprecedented moment, all organizations share an equal opportunity to build a better, more human future. It’s not talking about returning to normal. The task at hand is to build an entirely new system—something built from the ground up, that’s more open, that’s more focused on adaptation and learning from its foundation. To navigate...
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