The Systemic Racial Diversity Disconnect in Entry Level Hiring

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To truly embrace diversity, specifically racial diversity, the industry must examine the overall structural construct of talent mobility when entering the industry and keeping this talent engaged. Since 2018, the ANA Educational Foundation (AEF) has conducted an annual study on the disconnects across academia, industry, and talent, specifically new hires and undergraduate students. The first focused on general talent; the second on diverse talent, specifically through the lens of racial diversity; and the third on analytics talent. Collectively, they highlight the systemic entry-level disconnects that exist within the marketing and advertising ecosystem.
Elliot Lum Head of Growth
ANA Education Foundation (AEF)
Simon Fenwick EVP, Talent, Equity & Inclusion
Deirdre Robinson Senior Director Corporate Social Responsibility and Marketing Talent Development
GIlbert Davila CEO & Founder
DMI Consulting / AIMM

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