New York 2019


Marketing for The People, By The People

Join Facebook’s VP of Global Business Marketing and Chief Creative Officer, Mark D’Arcy, for a talk on the future of creativity and how businesses large and small use creativity to unlock the potential of technology.

Are You New Majority Ready™ ?

A New Majority is forming in America. By Census year 2020, ethnically and racially diverse individuals under 18 years old will account for 52% of the population and by year 2045, it is predicted that the U.S. will become a majority-minority nation. While this demographic transformation is fueling the economy, ad dollars committed to this emerging new majority are disproportionately low…

Beyond the Lens: The Bottom Line Impact of Media Representation

As the definition of TV expands and human culture evolves, engaging diverse audiences as talent, content producers and valuable consumers can’t be overlooked. Television is quite literally a lens into culture and society—while the people on screen don’t always reflect the viewers watching. The impact meaningfully affects a brand’s perception, as well as its bottom line.

Measurement Matters: Your Viewership Source Matters

Join 605 in kicking off “Measurement Matters”, a series of discussions focused on the different aspects of advanced TV measurement and activation. This session will delve into the various TV viewing data sources powering advanced TV measurement and data activation today. The panel will also explore how ad sales, brands and agencies leverage advanced TV viewership sources to achieve next-generation attribution.

Brand Belonging: The Next Frontier in Brand Building

What is brand belonging and why should brands care? In today’s hyper-connected era, studies show that consumers are feeling more disconnected than ever before. With online networks replacing real-world relationships, political polarization at an all-time high and a collapse of trust in large institutions a “belonging deficit” has grown nationwide and companies are responding.

Unleashing Brand Purpose & Marketing Engagement

Jeremy Heimans is the co-founder and CEO of Purpose, a global organization headquartered in New York that builds and supports movements for a more open, just, and habitable world. Purpose has advised organizations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Google and UNICEF. Aria Finger is the CEO of, a global non-profit organization with the goal of motivating young people to make positive change both online and offline through campaigns that make an impact. Bill...

Creating Truly Connected Experiences

The media environment is no longer a linear model, but rather a decentralized, dynamic matrix that demands new ways of thinking. This session will focus on how certain collaborative models can streamline overall brand strategy and create a seamless consumer experience in a multichannel marketing world.

Hacking Inclusion: A Rare Workshop

Business leaders across our industry have bought into the benefit of inclusive cultures. But few have managed to implement them within their own organizations. And while it may appear to be a complex challenge, there is a way to shortcut change. In a workshop brought to you by Rare, cultural change expert, Tolu Farinto, takes to the stage to equip you with the tools and strategies you need in order to overcome the barriers to inclusion and drive a more diverse workforce.

2020 Survival Guide: How Brands Can Navigate the New Era of Politics

Donald Trump fundamentally altered the way brands engage with the political environment. As the 2020 election approaches, brands are facing new challenges and opportunities. Join Morning Consult as they reveal new insights from a survey conducted in partnership with Advertising Week looking at what consumers expect when it comes to political engagement, and what brands can do to election-proof themselves over the next year.

Understanding the Tremendous Global Impact of Cannabis and Cannabinoids

By the year 2024, the cannabis and CBD markets are estimated to reach a value of $20 billion! Today, over 20 countries have already legalized medical marijuana and 64 million Americans have tried cannabidiol or CBD products. Ready or not, the cannabinoid and cannabis markets have officially exploded and will only continue to grow. Rob Dhoble, Managing Director of Havas ECS, explains this rapidly expanding and dynamic market, the massive gaps that exist in education and use, and what it means...

Getting Ahead of the Data Curve

Today, data informs, enables and fuels billions of dollars of digital advertising. It has become table stakes. But in a rapidly shifting landscape, what's next in data? How will brands leverage their own first-party data in new and innovative ways? What does advertising look like in a post-GDPR world? How do you find and leverage unique, deterministic, intent-based data like that found on social and commerce platforms? We'll hear from influential executives who have a clear vision of the...

Brand Bravery: Advertiser Engagement with News

With daily threats made to the fourth estate, investment in news has never been more important and yet, brands remain cautious of running their content alongside news while newsrooms struggle with the nuances of working with third-parties. In this session we'll hear from the award-winning VICE News, media network, OMD, and non-profit initiative, United for News, on best practices for working with brands, creating a modern, sustainable newsroom and how to turn these brand safety concerns from...
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