The Age of Adaptability: Meeting the Needs of the Flexible Marketer

More than ever, brands are placing a premium on control, transparency, flexibility, and brand suitability for where they invest their advertising budgets. This is resulting in the traditional buying methods being turned upside down, as brands are leveraging data and emerging mediums to reach audiences. In this conversation with Cadillac CMO, Melissa Grady and Vox Media Chief Revenue Officer, Ryan Pauley, hear how leading marketers are considering a new mix of spend on modern platforms.

Building Brand and Business Value Through Multicultural Community Engagement

At a time when privacy concerns are top-of-mind for the marketing industry, brands with trusted customer relationships will command a premium for access to those customers. This fireside chat with Curacao's CMO will highlight ways to build a successful, multicultural, and diversity-centric brand with trust and respect in the community. The discussion will cover strategic business advantages that accrue from strong customer relationships allowing future opportunities for growth including...

The Changing Landscape of Digital Marketing

Join Andrea Zaretsky, Chief Marketing Officer of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management & E*TRADE, for a fireside chat exploring how consumer behavior has evolved dramatically in the past two years, how the lines between channels continue to blur, and how effective marketing must evolve to meet today’s consumer where they are. We’ll also preview newly created ads.

Rewriting the Marketing Playbook for Today’s Era

Advertising as we know it is dead! It’s no surprise that consumers are expecting more from brands – but how exactly do we connect with them? Mastercard Chief Marketing and Communications Officer Raja Rajamannar will address the changes happening throughout the industry and shine a light on how marketers can connect to their communities and consumers in authentic ways that allow them to build lasting connections – through nonintrusive marketing tactics, thinking through a lens of art and...

How Brands and Advertisers Can Authentically Connect With the Arbiters of Culture - The Hip Hop and Black Community

The Hip Hop and Black community is arguably the most influential audience - they don’t just set trends, they are the arbiters of culture whose influence and power transcends trends, catapulting them into the mainstream and effortlessly creating timeless moments. For these reasons, brands and advertisers have historically flocked to Hip Hop and Black culture to borrow classic elements and style, from tapping artists to wear clothes and appear in commercials to now leveraging the power of Black...

Defying Definitions: The Real Radiance and Passion of Modeling

Join us at Advertising Week as Boz Saint John, CMO for Endeavor, interviews Joan Smalls, the Puerto Rican model whose career has skyrocketed since 2010.

Uncovering Consumers' Emotions Based on Behaviors

Join Huge’s Global CEO Pete Stein and Brooks Running’s CMO Melanie Allen for an intimate fireside chat as they discuss the advertising industry’s next frontier: bringing emotions to brand experiences. From creating the first-ever AI advertising judge, redesigning cycling helmets for real Tour de France riders and even creating bespoke retail experiences for SK-II’s consumers, Huge is at the forefront of this trend. Learn more about the agency’s collaboration model with Brooks, as Pete and...

Gen Z Disruption: Why Most of What You Know About Gen Z Influence is Wrong

In a shifting video landscape dominated by Gen Z & Millennials, Snapchat is driving results for advertisers with their augmented reality and video advertising solutions for advertisers. Hear first-ever research quantifying the power of influence this critical generation has on household purchase behavior and discuss what it takes to break through in a crowded digital video environment with our featured guest, Minjae Ormes, CMO of Visible.

Is Marketing Excellence enough? Find out from Subway, MetLife & Gain Theory

In a world of uncertain growth in many sectors, marketing excellence is not a casual matter, nor a task for the faint of heart. Good marketing takes you through the short term, better marketing can put you above the rest, but excellent marketing can be the engine that drives long term sustainable growth. In this honest conversation, we will hear from three leading marketers who have defined their ‘Marketing Excellence’ - lived the battle, learnt the lessons and delivered real impact.

Future-Proof Brand Media Strategies

Advertisers and brands are challenged by competitors, tech innovation and shifts in consumer behavior—while being continually bombarded with big data and market insights. Daniel Bischoff, Chief Marketing and Operations Officer at RTL AdConnect, will help you navigate the disruptors and make sense of the chaos with a clear forecast to future-proof your brand media strategies.

Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About: Building Brand Experiences that Matter

Brands, stop kidding yourself - it’s not about you - consumers do not want your annoying ads. They want you to stand for something THEY care about and to give them something they can talk about. To thrive into the next decade brand innovation is a must. Inclusion, immersion and experience are the takeaways, but not standalone. Building and maintaining a future-proof brand requires new marketing methods and models, where experience is the new reach and engagement metric, and deep-rooted...

NYVC Sports Presents: The Future of Sports

The fifth annual exploration of the future of sports and how platforms are growing the sports business and tech industry.
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