Internal Incubators – Reinventing the Heritage Brand

Today's global climate has shifted the consumer landscape across industries—from food to home entertainment and even wedding planning. With the rise (and fall) of startups in these spaces, leading heritage brands are leaning into collaboration as well as internal incubators to innovate and be at the forefront of consumer desires. In such a globally diverse and competitive market, heritage brands are more significant to us than ever before, but how can companies continue to grow and maintain...

So You Want To Be a Marketer…What It Will Take to Succeed In Marketing In The 21st Century?

Three of Australia’s most senior CMOs from three of Australia’s biggest brands - Coles, MacDonald's & Google, also all AANA Board Directors - give their insights into what it will take to prepare yourselves to be successful marketers in today’s ever-changing marketing industry.

Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable: A CMO Debate

Change is the only constant, it’s as old as time. But why does it make people feel so uncomfortable? Brands and businesses are in a constant state of transformation to adapt to changing consumer needs and an ever-evolving media landscape. It’s time we got comfortable with it. Debating the impact of change are Andrew Waddel General Manager - Australia at Tourism New Zealand, Mark Lollback CEO at GroupM, Kristi Woolrych CMO at KFC SOPAC, Mark Reinke, Managing Director Consumer at News Corp...

The Dying Art of Brand Building (And How to Revive It)

In the year 2000, brand advertising represented 61% of ad spend; in 2018, it was just 46% and it continues to shrink. This trend is despite evidence that the most effective balance of long-term and short-term marketing hasn't changed. So why is this happening? And how can businesses break out of this vicious cycle of funnel draining, in turn diminishing the effectiveness and lowering the return on marketing investment? David Buttle, Global Marketing Director, Commercial at Financial Times,...

Men and #metoo. Is Male Advertising Over, As We Know It?

Marketing to men and women is in full flux - is the macho Australian male ready to retire from our screens? We want to unpick the stereotypes, shine a light on the new trends that resonate with the modern Australian male, and expose the insights that retailer Coles & other brands have used to win in new ways with men.During the session we’ll also explore where masculinity and gender in advertising is evolving and how to keep up with new social norms. Featuring Meabh Quoirin Co-owner & CEO...

Susan Vobejda: A CMO View: Innovation in a Globalised Advertising Industry

Technology is transforming the job description of CMO, as marketing teams race to stay on top of today’s changing consumer as well as the ever-evolving high-tech tools used to reach them. Join Susan Vobejda, CMO of The Trade Desk, as she draws on a rich career’s worth of experience across major consumer, luxury and business brands to talk about how today’s CMOs are thinking about technology and trends.

Disruptive Influence: The Secrets of Scaling Fast

Today’s breakthrough businesses are scaling fast and building large audiences in the process. From finance to fitness, they specialise in establishing trust and building tribes of highly engaged customers – and they do it rapidly. Brought to you by Seven Hills, the authors of Mission: How The Best In Business Break Through, this lesson will explore the new wave of high-velocity businesses using technology to disrupt incumbents and redefine their industries.

How A Philosophy Of Beautiful Football Can Make The Beautiful Game A New Reality

In this session, Manchester City CMO Nuria Tarré is interviewed by COPA90 Chief Business Officer James Kirkham, in an exclusive reveal of Manchester City Football Clubs release of their research into women’s football around the world. The session will highlight the clubs’ ambitions inspire a new movement, empower and embolden the trailblazers and support the women’s game in years to come.

Tough Truths for MarTech Vendors

Nearly a third of CMO budgets are allocated to marketing technology (Gartner). But what do top marketers really want from the tech they are pitched and how should they be approached? Propeller Group presents a panel of marketers at household name brands to explain how they make decisions on marketing and ad tech investments and to give advice on selling the benefits of tech. Featuring: Santander CMO Keith Moore Samsung online director Nick White GoDaddy former CMO Kate Cox

The Evolution of the CMO Role

The coveted title of CMO has taken on new meanings for different organisations. While some remain focused on effective customer segmentation and demonstrating growth, others shift towards organisation innovation or being the voice of the customer within their organization. How will the role evolve in the next year and what skills will be prioritised?

Global Keynote Series: Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid. But Do it.

In the world of today, standing out is not just a nice to have but the only way to survive. Through a series of award winning case studies, Burger King will share some of the principles on how to develop work that truly stands out and how that creates value for the brand and the business.
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