The Changing Face of DTC Brands

Spurred by new technology and marketing strategies, direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands have been steadily rising, but while it may be easier than ever to start a business, it takes more to build a brand. How are the most successful DTC brands cutting through the noise and rising above? Hear from Shopify CMO, Jeff Weiser and some of the most beloved DTC brands with a big consumer following about how they established their brands and innovative marketing strategies to make an impact in today's...

The Creator Disruption: Redefining Influencer

Bob Greenberg (founder and Executive Chairman of R/GA) and Kay Hsu (Global Director, Instagram Creative Shop) in discussion with Whalar's CMO, Mike Hondorp.

Building the Agency of the Future: Live on Stage

Everyone is always placing bets both client and service side on what the right agency model should be to serve clients now and in the future. Turn up to see one being built live on stage in front of your very eyes.

Can A Brand Truly Be Inclusive

Join Vice President, Brand Marketing Smirnoff, Jay Sethi, and Emmy-nominated actress Laverne Cox in discussing how and why it’s important to represent the LGBTQIA community in brand campaigns. 2019 is especially important with the 50th anniversary of Stonewall, so Jay and Laverne will discuss what Smirnoff has done to be an ally in the fight for equality.

Community Matters: The Power of Building a Global Brand with a Hyper-Local Approach

In this session, Duke will speak about bringing an elevated and unified purpose to Lime and building a bigger community around the brand. To bring this vision to life, Duke will discuss how the micro-mobility provider has formed a new innovative partnership with The Lab at Anonymous Content, an award-winning commercial, film and television production company. Through the partnership, Lime is creating a unique and powerful model of storytelling and prototyping a new way of looking at content...

Omni Customer Is The New Omni Channel

Often marketers think of Omni in terms of their sales channels (stores, websites, mobile, etc.), but they should be encouraged to take a customer-focused approach to Omni. Successful Omni strategies aren't focused on driving sales to a particular channel, they focus on customer convenience. The channel doesn't matter as much as winning the next sale.

The Power of Purpose: What Does it Mean for a Company to be Values-Based and Purpose-Driven?

IPG Chairman & CEO Michael Roth and Verizon CMO Diego Scotti sit down for an open-ended conversation. Highlighting how brands can enjoy greater success by embracing purpose and our collective responsibility to advance and prioritize sustainability and inclusivity.

The Art of the Turnaround: The Chipotle Story

For 20 years, Chipotle was a pioneer in the Fast Casual dining industry, experiencing rapid growth and intense customer loyalty. In recent years, however, the brand faced a number of significant challenges from food safety issues, to a lack of innovation and cultural relevance. Hear from Chipotle's CMO and agency partner Venables Bell & Partners on their amazing brand turnaround, and the things you need to do in order to get your brand back on track and unlock game-changing new potential.

Generation Z: A Generation of Distrust and Disruption

A conversation between 21-year-old Chief Brand Officer of JUV Consulting, Nadya Okamoto, and the Chief Marketing Officer of Times Up, Rachel Terrace, on the landscape fostering social movements demanding real change. This will center on the idea that actions speak louder than words, and that specific brands and campaigns with dollars behind them have made waves with Generation Z. The two thought leaders will be examining the success and work of Times Up, and the importance of empowering young...

Internal Incubators – Reinventing the Heritage Brand

Today's global climate has shifted the consumer landscape across industries—from food to home entertainment and even wedding planning. With the rise (and fall) of startups in these spaces, leading heritage brands are leaning into collaboration as well as internal incubators to innovate and be at the forefront of consumer desires. In such a globally diverse and competitive market, heritage brands are more significant to us than ever before, but how can companies continue to grow and maintain...

So You Want To Be a Marketer…What It Will Take to Succeed In Marketing In The 21st Century?

Three of Australia’s most senior CMOs from three of Australia’s biggest brands - Coles, MacDonald's & Google, also all AANA Board Directors - give their insights into what it will take to prepare yourselves to be successful marketers in today’s ever-changing marketing industry.

Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable: A CMO Debate

Change is the only constant, it’s as old as time. But why does it make people feel so uncomfortable? Brands and businesses are in a constant state of transformation to adapt to changing consumer needs and an ever-evolving media landscape. It’s time we got comfortable with it. Debating the impact of change are Andrew Waddel General Manager - Australia at Tourism New Zealand, Mark Lollback CEO at GroupM, Kristi Woolrych CMO at KFC SOPAC, Mark Reinke, Managing Director Consumer at News Corp...
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