NYVC Sports Presents: The Future of Sports

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Digital Doppelgangers – How A New Breed of Avatars is Reinventing Self-Expression

The fifth annual exploration of the future of sports and how platforms are growing the sports business and tech industry.
Jeffrey Volk Senior Vice President, Head of Business & Revenue
Deepen Parikh Partner
Interplay Ventures
Blake Stuchin Vice President of Digital Media Business Development
National Football League
Dustin Godsey CMO
Milwaukee Bucks
Jamie King Head of eSports
Engine Shop
John Brody Executive Vice President
John Kozack Senior Vice President of Multimedia Sales
Univision Communications
Gillian Kemmerer Correspondent
Ann Rodriguez VP, Business Operations
Atlanta United FC
Assia Grazioli-Venier Board of Directors
Juventus FC
Michael Broughton Senior Advisor and Director of Business Technology, Innovation & Investment Strategy
Victoire Cogevina Co-founder
GLORIA, SR All-Stars
Bonnie Bernstein Veteran Sports Journalist/Founder, Walk Swiftly Productions

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