The Art & Science of Driving Growth

SVOD subscriptions and viewing time have been booming during the pandemic, but competition, media cost and technology changes threaten to upend the traditional performance marketing growth strategy. In this session, Britbox and Croud explore ways to counter these threats; with brand & performance media, data & measurement and creativity all being key parts of the puzzle.

NFTs Gone Mainstream: The Success of NBA Top Shot

This past year, brands have been eager to move into the NFT space and create different avenues to engage with their fans and customers. During this session, leaders from the NBA and Dapper Labs, the creators of NBA Top Shot, will discuss how the experience came to fruition, why it has made such a strong connection with basketball fans, how it has helped influence player culture and what’s next, including the recent expansion WNBA moments to the platform.

Your Reports Suck. Want to Know Why?

Digital Intelligence platforms, such as Media Monitoring, Social Analytics, Audience Insights & Influencer Discovery, have provided tools to the masses that were traditionally used by Consumer Insights & Research teams. Brands, Agencies, Governments, and Non-Profits have done their best using these platforms, but somewhere along the way, they forgot to ask the questions, “So What?” and “Who Cares?” During our presentation, we will put the focus on how better insights drive business change.

Gaming with Crypto: When Two Ecosystems Converge 

At a point in time, digital currency in gaming was a throw to the coins that Mario collected from 8-bit question blocks. A few decades later, it’s so much more than that.  Cryptocurrency has expanded at lightning (broadband) speed. And, amid this expansion, it’s become both a utility and enhancement in and around gaming.  Our panel of industry-leading experts across exchanges, leagues / teams and competitive platforms will explore that continued convergence. They’ll discuss how...

Thriving in Tech: How Women Can Lead the Way

Join us for a discussion between Emily Cash and Tatiana Hoffman of Adjust on not only how to break into the tech industry but how to progress and confidently promote yourself while creating allyship.

The Future of Mobile Addressability: What Advertisers Need to Know Today

Mobile remains one of the most important channels for advertisers to connect with engaged audiences - but privacy changes have impacted the whole digital ecosystem, and the concept of addressability is changing. New identity solutions and attribution models are coming to market; first party data and targeting are being used in different ways. In this session, hosted by Twitter's MoPub, we'll dive into what advertisers need to understand today to prepare for tomorrow's addressability options.

Future Finders: The Future of the Open Web with Sheri Bachstein

What is the current state of marketing in today's unprecedented world? What does the future open web look like and how will advanced technology like AI be a catalyst for change? Sheri Bachstein, CEO of The Weather Company and GM of IBM Watson Advertising will share her insight.

How Investing in Emerging Platforms Paid Off For eos

Since joining the brand in 2018, Chief Marketing Officer, Soyoung Kang, has successfully led eos Products into uncharted territories. From being the first beauty brand to adopt a branded hashtag on TikTok, to safely navigating real world activations in a pandemic, to launching on yet another new platform, Triller, eos is ahead of almost every emerging trend in today’s media landscape.

Anthemic Brands: Brands Navigating a New Frontier of Corporate Responsibility

How are brands and creative agencies responding to the current political and cultural climate? From Covid 19, to BLM and mental health issues, brands are responding to the cultural conversation like never before. How are they navigating this new space both internally and externally? We will discuss internal changes like diversity goals and initiatives as well as externally showcasing how they take a stand on important societal issues with authenticity through their products, services and...

Future Finders: The Future of TV with Tim Vanderhook

With the rapid growth of CTV and importance of consumer privacy, it is vital to adopt new measurement strategies that will better account for today’s viewing habits. Tim Vanderhook, CEO & Co-Founder at Viant discusses the future of TV, current CTV measurement practices and how they align to the evolving realities of media consumption.

Driving Towards Diversity & Inclusion in the Gaming Metaverse

The events of the last few years (#MeToo, BLM and the pandemic) have forced the video game industry to reckon with well-documented issues of diversity and equitability. As the gaming metaverse continues to expand rapidly, this panel will explore how to rethink the foundation of the metaverse in order to build a more inclusive world online. This panel will explore some of the challenges that currently exist on popular gaming metverses, how the gaming industry is responding, and where the...

Cutting Through the Noise with Branded Podcasts

The podcast industry has boomed during the pandemic, and is showing no signs of slowing down. This panel discussion will examine the innovative ways in which brands can break through the increasingly busy podcast space and reach consumers in new and meaningful ways. From technical innovation to creative collaborations, podcasts remain an excellent way to captivate consumers for extended periods of time and shift their perspective about your brand.
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