Data & Belonging: Actions For Change

What does belonging mean to you? And who experiences that feeling in your organisation? Learn more about the key inclusion trends and leave with tangible actions to bring positive change to your business.

Making the Most Of the TV Screen: Successfully Applying the Art Of the Possible!

Talk to anyone about “CTV” or “Addressable TV” and they are excited about the prospects, but then their mind turns to thoughts of fragmentation, measurement, and identity. An insurmountable set of challenges seem to be ahead, but we all seem to be missing something. There’s more concentration on what isn’t yet possible rather than what has now become possible. There are data and activation opportunities today on the TV screen that have never been available before and can be the basis...

The Future Of TV: Will You Survive Or Thrive?

Streaming is now firmly entrenched in people's viewing habits. But never before has there been such a wide option of brands, services, channels, and ways to watch. With so many choices available and increasingly data-driven ways to serve viewers in advertising, this is a time of great change. What does this mean for the future of TV and the ads that live in it? In this debate, the participants will discuss the future of TV advertising, how brands should be engaging with it, how it can and...

Innovation As a Tool: Solving Challenges In Audio Marketing

Many data-driven brands are evaluating the performance of their digital channels holistically with marketing tools and software. For those brands, leveraging the right technology is crucial when assessing the ROI of those channels that connect to potential customers. In this in-depth conversation, the AdsWizz team will be sharing key learnings from their global campaigns that leverage innovation and creativity in solving ROI, attribution, and customer journey challenges in the audio...

The Data Cloud: Powering the Next Generation Of Advertising

The most valuable companies in the world are those that utilize their data to the fullest. That is why Choreograph have established a global partnership with Snowflake to deliver the WPP Data Cloud: to seamlessly connect rich data from across the WPP network, making it instantly available to all and enhancing collaboration across media, technology, creative and data. This session will discuss how leveraging technology and Data Clean Rooms can power the next generation of advertising.

Creative Logistics: Harnessing Creative Data For Greater ROI In Omnichannel Marketing

Seamless campaign activation and management of creative assets is more important than ever in today’s complex media landscape. As more data is generated, it has become ever more difficult for marketers to connect, analyze and draw clear conclusions to manage assets and campaigns for greater ROI. In order to solve this, brands need end-to-end visibility of their creative logistics, including a clear view of both asset use and asset waste. This session will focus on essential best practices for...

Responsible Marketing: For People and Brands

Consumer privacy and data expectations coupled with the dynamic and changing world of digital advertising are hot topics in the media for legislators and for brands. In this session, Acxiom will explore how people truly feel about data use and the value they get in return, what brands believe they need in order to thrive in today’s environment, and the intersection of the two.

Bloomberg's Levelling Up Scorecard

In 2019 Boris Johnson won an election with two promises: Complete Brexit & Level Up Britain. The Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill was introduced into Parliament on 11 May 2022 with the objective of spreading wealth & opportunity across the UK, closing the gap on the most deprived areas and the richer region of London and the SE. Bloomberg has produced an exclusive data analysis to track the government's own policy paper on levelling up and tracked the metrics on all 650 constituencies...

Designing Your Data Collaboration Game Plan

As companies master their first-party data strategy, a data collaboration game plan is a must-have for companies looking to future proof their business. But data collaboration is not a destination, it is a journey, and every company will take a different route. InfoSum dives into data collaboration, how to get started, what to look for in a Data Clean Room, learnings and talking about success stories.

A New Era Of Responsible Advertising

The rules of advertising are changing. Consumers are concerned about how their data is being used in advertising, regulators across the globe are closing in, and browsers are blocking third-party data. Now more than ever, advertisers need to develop responsible marketing practices that protect consumers’ data.

The Move Toward User Privacy & The Growing Responsibility of Consumer Education

Join Mike Shields, Next in Marketing podcast Host and former Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, AdWeek and Digiday Editor and Brian Quinn, AppsFlyer’s US President and General Manager for a fireside chat that dives into the ecosystem’s pivotal privacy updates, including Apple’s IDFA opt-out and the impact of iOS 14 to measurement and attribution. This conversation will also touch on the growing responsibility of brands and advertisers to educate consumers, so that they are able to balance...

Quantcast Keynote: A Rallying Cry for the Open Internet

The internet’s original sin was allowing users to believe that that content is free, when good content - that informs, entertains and connects us - is generally very expensive to create and is mostly supported by the ad-funded economic model. The advertising technology produced to support this system has undergone many shifts – and now must quickly evolve again to survive. Join Konrad Feldman, founder and CEO at Quantcast, as he discusses: *Consent *Identity *Data-driven audiences...
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